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Check out our full line of BBQ Grills, Carts, Complete Islands, Accessories, Upgrades and more. Enjoy cooking and entertaining for your guests with our Outdoor Award Winning products.


Built In Grills

Built In Grills
Finish off your BBQ Island with a SS drop-in grills.
BBQ Carts

BBQ Carts
High end SS Grills with the portability of a cart.
BBQ Islands

BBQ Islands
Enjoy cooking outside on a BBQ Island
Stainless Accessories

Stainless Accessories
Accessories to finish off any backyard kitchen creation.
Tool Sets and Toppers

Tool Sets and Toppers
Quality Tools and Toppers from Mr BBQ
Kamodo Grills

Kamodo Grills
Grill, smoke, roast or bake with this versatile BBQ.
Primo Grills Oval XL

Primo Grills Oval XL
Up to 680 Square Inches of Extra Large Cooking area.
Primo Grills Oval Junior

Primo Grills Oval Junior
Up to 360 Square Inches of Grilling, Smoking Pleasure
Dancook Grills & Fire Bowls

Dancook Grills & Fire Bowls
Superior cooking-quality grills, Find the grill that fits you
Grills Covers

Grills Covers
Great selections of Grill Covers, Top Quality cover at a Great Price!
Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens
Enjoy years of happy cooking with this Outdoor Pizza Oven
Primo Grills Accessories

Primo Grills Accessories
Add Primo Accessories to maximize your experience.


Food is said to be the staff of life and if forced to go without it for an entire day we may experience a bit of discomfort, to put it mildly. Although some types of food, like fruits, can be eaten in their natural state others will have to undergo some form of processing for them to be palatable. This processing can take a wide variety of forms and will, in the majority of cases, involve the use of fire. Some of these foods can be ready for consumption in a short or long period of time depending on the processing method used. These methods could involve the use of stoves, ovens, grills and smokers.

For food preparation, people will opt for one of a variety of methods for just as wide a variety of reasons. There are some who will go with the microwave because of its speed. Some will go with the oven because they are following a recipe and the instructions specify the use of one. Others my choose grills and smokers not because of the speed with which the food will be prepared, but for the distinct flavor and aroma that will accompany the finished product.

Although loved by many for the taste of what they produce, people will not generally use grills and smokers on an everyday basis. This is because these methods of food processing are time-consuming and can quite easily take up a couple of hours. Another reason grills and smokers won’t be used on an everyday basis is because they are usually used out of doors and weather conditions may not permit it. Of course if a food establishment is in the business of selling food prepared using grills and smokers provisions will have been made to overcome these challenges.

grills and smokers come in many shape and sizes and the type people choose to purchase will be influenced by a number of factors, not least of which is price. Lower priced grills and smokers will be functional but those that cost more are likely to give better results. Another important factor that determines the type of grills and smokers you take home is the fuel they use, or what powers them. This can take the form of charcoal, gas, or electricity. Those making use of charcoal fuel can expect more work and time to be involved, as against those that use electricity. Other factors, which will have an impact on your choice of grills and smokers, are where it will be used, the frequency of its intended use, and the volume of food that it will have to accommodate.

One area of grills and smokers that purchasers should take note of is the base of them. It should be ensured that the bases are sturdy, and if they will be moved around from time to time those having wheels would make the job a lot easier. Another area that attention should be paid to is the grate and the material used in their construction. There will be those made from regular steel to which food sometimes stick and which heat may sometimes warp, those made from stainless steel which are considered good, those made from cast iron which are considered easiest to clean and durable, and there are the porcelain coated and enamel ones, which apart from being difficult to clean chip a lot.

While it is admitted that the preparation of food via the use of grills and smokers will take a bit more time than the average microwave or oven, the results on most occasions are entirely worth it. All that is needed is a little bit of practice, and a lot of time.
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