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Pool Pals Small Chlorine Tabs 10lb | PPTS010


  • 99% Trichlor with 90% available chlorine
  • Hard-pressed half ounce tab
  • Includes pool stabilizer (conditioner, cyanuric acid)
  • No gummy binders means no clogging of skmmers, filters or chlorinators
  • Reduces total alkalinity
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Often called trichlor, slow dissolving stabilized chlorinating tablets in this 1" variety are popular for smaller bodies of water such as fountains and spas.  This type of chlorine is also available in a 3" puck style or granular shock.
Trichlor tablets are our best selling stabilized chlorine because of convenience factor.  Homeowners simply fill up a chlorine feeder or floater and chlorine is released.  Never add Trichlor tabs directly to the skimmer.  Call us for more information regarding the negative affects of this action.
  • Slow dissolving
  • Good for chlorinators
  • Convenient to use
  • Reduces total alkalinity quickly in fiberglass and vinyl lined pools
  • High base demand
  • Requires addition of sodium bromide

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Adobe Acrobat PDF Material Safety Data Sheet
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