Home Pool Style Winterizing Kit | 30,000 gal | 33855P

Pool Style Winterizing Kit | 30,000 gal | 33855P


  • Winterize your pool with this complete kit!
  • For up to 30,000 gallons


The PoolStyle™ Winterizing kits are effective and safe for all types of pools. The PoolStyle™ 2-step or 3-step Winterizing System is easy to use and will help provide clean, clear, and easier, quicker reopening next Spring. Dual-action and triple action available for different size pools. 
Kit includes:
  • 1lb. Non-Chlorine Shock
  • 1lb. Wintering Powder
  • 1 qt. Winter Stain & Scale
Winterize Your Pool
Winterizing pool chemicals for above ground pools and in-ground pools that you will commonly find in winterizing pool chemical kits include pool shock and an oxidizer. Chlorine-free pool shock is an excellent winterizing chemical as it will kill bacteria and other contaminants without reducing the effectiveness of other winterizing swimming pool chemicals such as algaecides. At the same time, chlorine-free pool shock will not bleach the walls of your swimming pool or damage the pool liner. As for non-chlorine oxidizers, these chemicals are typically released through a slow-release chemical floater and remove carbon dioxide from the pool water. Since carbon dioxide is one of algae's main food sources, non-chlorine oxidizers effectively inhibit algae growth.

Other winterizing pool chemicals for in-ground pools and above ground pools that are commonly contained in winterizing pool chemical kits include algaecides and stain prevention chemicals. Winterizers are powerful, time-released algaecides that are designed to work over a long period of time and assist pool shock and oxidizers in the elimination of algae growth. Stain prevention winterizing pool chemicals help to prevent waterline build up and the occurrence of stains on vinyl liners. They are able to do this by eliminating minerals and metals that are often found in pool water and which cause unsightly and troublesome stains.

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