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Home BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150

BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150

BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150
BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150
BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150
BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150
The Final Solution for Hard Water
Substantially reduces hard water build up in your plumbing system while providing conditioned water for your swimming pool.
  • Reduce and Eliminate hard water scaling/calcium build up on water line tile, spa spillways, negative edge walls, raised beams, etc.
  • Chemical free alternative for calcium and scale control. Does not effect the PH of existing pool chemistry.
  • Increase life of heating elements and salt cells in pool plumbing systems by eliminating calcium buildup.
  • Helps create a much more enjoyable pool experience by eliminating the unsightly issues calcium and scale create.
  • Home units available as well to treat whole house water systems. Replace water softeners with a much smaller footprint and no added salt or chemicals.
The 150GPM Water Conditioner is rated for all variable speed and single speed pumps with anything under a 3" suction line and a 2 1/2" return line. This plumbing combination will facilitate up to 100 gallons per minute. Apply this unit to new constructed or existing pools and spas to prevent the unsightly build-up of hard water minerals on tile, spillways and natural stone water features.
BroadHead Water Conditioners protect the homeowner during initial pool and spa installation by preventing the unsightly buildup of hard water minerals on waterline tile, spa spillways, natural stone water features, and raised veneer walls. Preventing the need for future bead blasting and acid treatments, BroadHead Water Conditioners save the homeowner future costs associated with this very common problem.
In retrofitting any existing pool or spa with a BroadHead Water Conditioner, the homeowner will see a decrease in existing hard water/scale build up and over time hard water build up can be eliminated in its entirety.
Broadhead Water Conditioner Science
When water passes through the BroadHead water conditioner treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of alternating-reversing polarity permanent magnetic fields. These magnetic fields interrupt the natural scale forming characteristics of hard water minerals, temporarily altering their ionic charge identity. Rather than being attracted, they repel one another as they precipitate out of solution. Instead of forming scale, this precipitant called aragonite, forms a microscopic layer that protects plumbing and equipment against corrosion.
Additionally, the BroadHead Water Conditioner will reduce the water's surface tension causing it to become wetter and more soluble. This reverses the detrimental effects of existing scale build-up in retrofit applications, all without the use of chemicals and with no negative environmental impact.
Magnetic Technology in Action
The earth itself is a giant magnet-with an iron core that generates a magnetic field that continuously protects us from deadly solar radiation-the Van Allen Belts. And although the extended science of magnetism is still not fully understood, it hasn't stopped innovators from harnessing magnetic forces and using them to change our world. Simply put, the value of magnetic technologies cannot be overstated.
  • MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging-lifesaving diagnostic technology for healthcare
  • Wind Turbines-use magnets to convert wind energy into electric current to power our homes
  • Mag-lev bullet trains-levitate and propel the world's fastest rail transports
A Superior Formula
More than simply applying a magnetic field to a water source like some competitors, Broadhead follows a precise formula based on water flow rate and pipe diameter.
By maintaining a stringent, optimized formula based on flow rate and pipe diameter, BroadHead Water Conditioners can be correctly sized to integrate precisely into any water system.
Adhering to this formula ensures that the exact amount of water flows through the magnetic fields, producing the desired effect – a proven formula of system integration – the BroadHead way.
Superior to Other Water Conditioning Systems
Broadhead Water Conditioners is Superior to All other Water Conditioning Systems, Chemical or Otherwise. Unlike chemical water treatment and conventional water softeners, Broadhead Water Conditioners do not add harmful contaminates to water supplies, or discharge hazardous chemicals into the ecosystem, a growing environmental concern. And, unlike all other magnetic water treatment systems, only Broadhead offers its proprietary multi-field magnetic technology and 50-plus years of proven results to back it up.
  • Softens water
  • Requires no energy
  • Requires no chemicals
  • Produces no chemical discharge/non-polluting
  • Multi-field magnetic technology
  • Most effective scale and corrosion control
A closer look at the internals of a Broadhead Water Conditioner reveals why theirs outperforms all other types of systems:
  • Design-high-grade, precision-manufactured and with an exceptionally high-quality finish
  • Application Sized-to an exact formula for flow rate and pipe size to match each application, up to and including the largest industrial applications in the world
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections-facilitate integration into any water system, open-or closed-loop
  • Copper Magnet Housing-protects magnet without interfering with magnetic field
  • Steel Shield-Focuses the magnetic field within the treatment chamber to concentrate its effect on the minerals in the water for maximum performance
  • Multi-field Permanent Magnet-Exclusive, proprietary technology and the heart of Superior performance-a magnet like no other on earth-prevents minerals in water from forming scale and corrosion
Why Choose BroadHead H2O?
Controls Corrosion
BroadHead H2O Conditioners control erosion by passing water through the proprietary multi-field magnetic technology, the minerals are altered to a state where they cannot form scale. Instead, the minerals form a light aragonite talc on the inside of pipes and the wetted surfaces of equipment which prevents free oxygen in the water (one of the most common causes of corrosion) from attacking the metal surfaces.
Softens and Loosens Existing Scale
According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, just 1/16 inch of scale on a heat transfer surface requires 15% more energy and 1/2 inch of scale demands 70% more energy. BroadHead H2O Conditioners work to soften and loosen existing scale, so your water-using equipment is more efficient.
Prevents Scale Formation
Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum heat transfer coefficients, enabling maximum benefits from your equipment and reduced energy required.
Minimize Maintenance
Using BroadHead H20 Conditioners on any water-using equipment will prevent excessive clogging of minerals, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance.
Chemical Free and Environmentally Friendly
BroadHead H2O Conditioners consume no energy or chemicals and have no negative environmental impact in operation, they require no hazardous material reporting.


BroadHead H2O Water Conditioner for Swimming Pool Treatment | 150 GPM | BHWC-150

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