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Home Hayward OmniLogic Wireless Network Antenna | HLWLAN

Hayward OmniLogic Wireless Network Antenna | HLWLAN

Hayward OmniLogic Wireless Network Antenna |  HLWLAN

The Transceiver kit will allow for wireless communication from the OmniLogic to your home’s router. By using the HLWLAN, you will eliminate the need to run any cables for internet access.

Welcome to OmniLogic

This system is the easiest to use giving you an icon based user interface that will allow for easy navigation through the system. The OmniLogic will allow for easy customized naming of your equipment items, giving you the familiarity of your features. Whether you’re ready for a party setting, or want to jump in the spa for some relaxation, quickly set up preferences and set up pre-set Favorites, allowing you to dive into your favorite set up easily. With new expanded backyard themes, you can set up a customized Favorite set up for anyone, quickly and easily. The OmniLogic is designed to minimize your maintenance. Since this is a salt-ready system, there is no need for any extra equipment other than the electrolytic cell. Also compatible with the Sense & Dispense system, the OmniLogic will keep all your chemicals in order. Filtration and cleaning processes has never been easier, allowing you to quickly set up a schedule to ensure you’re saving the most energy.

One of the easiest systems to help you expand your back yard, The OmniLogic can easily accommodate any type of addition to your pool or back yard. Easily add features to the system with the additional expansion hardware. Probably the most efficient when it comes to upgrades to the newest software versions, Hayward allows easy access to the latest software revisions, allowing the OmniLogic to effortlessly keep up with the newest capabilities, or if needed, use configurations previously used. Being the most advanced and easiest to use automation systems on the market, the OmniLogic easily and quickly connects to your smart phone, tablet, and wired or wireless remotes, allowing you to control your entire back yard from anywhere!



Hayward OmniLogic Wireless Network Antenna | HLWLAN

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