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Home Lochinvar Copper-Fin-2 Low NOx Indoor Commercial Pool Heater | Propane | 1,800,000 BTU | CPL1801

Lochinvar Copper-Fin-2 Low NOx Indoor Commercial Pool Heater | Propane | 1,800,000 BTU | CPL1801

Lochinvar Copper-Fin-2 Low NOx Indoor Commercial Pool Heater | Propane | 1,800,000 BTU | CPL1801
Copper-Fin2 High Efficiency Commercial Pool Heaters
Along with high thermal efficiency, gasketless heat exchangers and multiple venting options Lochinvar has added Lochinvar’s exclusive Smart System control. The Copper-Fin² was the first proportional fired, fan assisted pool heater on the market. Every model features a small footprint for easy passage through a 36" door, low NOx – third party tested to less than 20 PPM.
Thermal Efficiency - Copper-Fin² pool heaters offer a remarkably high thermal efficiency, dramatically reducing the operating cost of the equipment.
Gasketless Heat Exchanger - Lochinvar's unique gasketless design enhances reliability by eliminating o-rings and gaskets found on other brands. The heat exchanger features glass lined headers and copper-finned tubes with extruded integral fins spaced 7 fins per inch for exceptional heat transfer. The heat exchanger is built to ASME construction standards for 160 psi working pressure.
Space Saving, Service Friendly Design - Lochinvar's enhanced Copper-Fin² models offer the same reliable operation in a new service friendly design. The gas inlet, internal controls and Building Management connections have been repositioned to the front of the appliance for easier service and simpler installation. The built-in air filter reduces maintenance and improves performance with a field convertible option to install the air intake on the rear or the right side of the pool heater. In addition, Lochinvar was the first manufacturer to offer factory welded Stack Frames that allow you to put two pool heaters in the space for one.
Multiple Venting Options - The Copper-Fin² offers eight venting options to meet the most challenging installation requirements. The Copper-Fin² can vent vertically in Category I with double wall "B" vent or horizontally in Category IV with AL29-4C stainless steel vent material. Vent termination can be Rooftop or Sidewall with combustion air drawn naturally from the equipment room or via dedicated air intake piping. And if floor space is limited, the Copper-Fin² pool heater can be installed outdoors with an optional Outdoor Vent Cap.
Smart System
Refined design puts more control and information at your fingertips. The most exciting addition to the Copper-Fin² is the Smart System control. The Smart Ssystem is an advanced, state of the art integrated operating control. We introduced the Smart System control in 2005 and it has delivered proven operation in thousands of demanding commercial applications. The control provides the installer, owners and operators with precise temperature control and diagnostic information.
  • 2-line, 16 character LCD display of setup, system status and diagnostic data in words, not codes
  • Built-in cascade sequencer controlling up to 8 Pool Heaters
  • Modbus protocol - optional
Proportional Firing
Proportional firing divides a single manifold of multiple burners into smaller, independent stages. With up to four stages of individual operation, the Smart System control can reduce the firing rate down to approximately 25% Btu/hr input. This simple but effective design matches the pool heater’s firing capacity to the heat loss of the pool or spa. Full fire or On/Off combustion systems often fire the entire gas train in short, inefficient bursts. Stage firing delivers the Btu’s required in smoother and longer burn cycles which will improve operation and reduce component fatigue.
Automatic Pumped Bypass
All Copper-Fin² pool heaters are equipped with an automatic pumped bypass ensuring proper flow and return water temperatures to the heat exchanger resulting in longer life and trouble free operation. The automatic pumped bypass is provided as standard equipment in a horizontal configuration. A vertical configuration* is also available offering the flexibility to meet mechanical room space requirements or piping constraints.

Brand: Lochinvar

Lochinvar Copper-Fin-2 Low NOx Indoor Commercial Pool Heater | Propane | 1,800,000 BTU | CPL1801

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