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Gecko Alliance IN.XE with Topside K600 and 8 Piece Cord Set | 3-73-4000

Gecko Alliance IN.XE with Topside K600 and 8 Piece Cord Set | 3-73-4000
Gecko Alliance IN.XE with Topside K600 and 8 Piece Cord Set | 3-73-4000
3-78-7020 CONTROL IN.XM
3-00-7241 TOPSIDE IN.K600
1-05-0135 HEATER UNIONS X2
5-60-6033 CABLE P1-2SPEED HC 15A 240V 8'
5-60-6036 CABLE IN.LINK P1-2 120V 8' 15A
5-60-6037 CABLE IN.LINK B&O 120V 4' 5A
5-60-6047 CABLE IN.LINKS B&O 240V 4' 5A X2
5-60-7266 Cord Set (5pcs) 9919-100784
*5-60-6033 P1-2SPEED HC 15A 240V 8'
         *5-60-6034 P2-1SPEED HC 15A 240V 8'
         *5-60-6047 BLOWER/OZONE LC 5A 240V 8'
         *5-60-6037 BLOWER/OZONE LC 5A 120V 4'
         *5-60-6029 LIGHT LV 12V 8.5'
         *Color Keys
In.xe ground-breaking features for unsurpassed innovation, reliability and safety
like in.xm, in.xe offers an impressive list of technical features. Each of them stands
on its own merits and contributes to bring to all players in the industry the most
advanced solutions for entry level spas and hot tubs ever offered to them.
New input terminal bloc
In.xe's cable bay was designed to ease wire insertion. Its terminal bloc has more
room to insert wires. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased
component lifetime.
Board access prevention
Only serviceable parts, terminal bloc, fuses, heater and probe connectors, are made
accessible to service technicians. Electronic components are protected in separate
and inaccessible compartments.
Watertight protection
In.seal provides extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and
power box are designed to be watertight and no water can be in direct contact with
electrical components. (IPX5)
Plugs and Connectors
Totally waterproof, in.link plugs and connectors are designed to ensure that all cables
of equipment used to make a spa work properly are well connected at their intended
connection port, eliminating any risk of mis-wiring.
Solid state monitoring
In.flo is an all-electronic dry-fire protection of in.xe's heat.wav heater. In.flo
eliminates the burden of adjustments, calibrations and failures associated to usual
water flow sensors.
Kinetic heat monitoring
In.xe design includes kinetic heat monitoring through in.kin, a contactor that
protects spas and spa users against water overheat. In.kin is the industry's first
and only true kinetic heat protection. It monitors all pump outputs, not just the
"heating" pump.
Water temp. algorithm
In.xe also monitors water temperature through in.t.cip, our breakthrough software
algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temperature
Spa system configurator
In.stik is one of in.xe's coolest features, a pen drive like spa system configurator
merged with an in.link connector. In.stik connects to in.xe and contains software
to program or configure its system. In.xe executes the data upload and update

In.xe takes full advantage of Aeware by Gecko's advanced electronics and water resistance

high performance heaters
In.xe comes with a high performance heat.wav heater. With no pressure switch, it
features in.flo integrated dry-fire protection. Shipped in a 240v / 4 kW configuration,
in.xe's heat.wav heater can be easily converted to dedicated 120v / 1kW by a simple
switch of a cable connection port performed on production lines, in dealer showrooms
or in the field.
A watertight panel protects the heater and probe connectors. Removing the panel
gives access to in.flo dry-fire protection and hi-limit/regulation probe connectors,
Line 1, Line 2 and ground power input cables connection ports.

heat.wav specifications summary :
  • 17 A resistive (4kW @ 240v)
  • 8.7 A resistive (2kW @ 230v)
  • 8.5 A resistive (1kW @ 120v)
  • Supports 120v or 240v
  • Protected by external breaker (not fused)
  • Heater element is Incoloy® for greater protection

          against corrosion

Compact keypad for in.xe spa systems In.xe comes with in.k200, a brand new
keypad that offers all the cool features of in.keys series top side controls like clean
interface, big and crisp characters on its display, true tactile feel and sleek

In.k200 has a waterproof plastic enclosure and can command spas equipped with
single or dual pumps, with or without a blower and a mood light. With its thin
design and its low profile, in.k200 can easily find its place on the edge of any spa.
In.k200 comes with an in.link connector, brackets and adhesive. Its full- surface
overlay can be customized.


Gecko Alliance IN.XE with Topside K600 and 8 Piece Cord Set | 3-73-4000

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