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Tips for using Pool Lights for Safety

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Light Up the Night: Enhancing Pool Safety and Ambience with Pool Area Lights
Owning a pool involves a lot more than just cleaning and maintaining the water inside. The pool area—both in and around—is your responsibility, even more so if you have children or invite guests over to swim. One critical safety element that requires special attention is lighting.
Although most people swim during the day, the pool can be even more inviting and alluring in the evening and at night. However, if there are no lights around the pool, it's impossible to swim safely. Fortunately, today’s selection of interior and exterior pool lighting is relatively affordable and easy to install, helping make your pool as safe (and enjoyable) as possible—even after dark. Today, we’re diving into the various types of pool area lights to light up your backyard with safety, fun, and unforgettable ambiance.
Types of Pool Area Lights
There are two primary types of pool lights you can have: interior and exterior.
Interior Pool Lights
Interior pool lights are designed to illuminate the water and make it safe to swim in the dark. Typically, these lights are installed in the siding, and they can either be just below the water line or on the bottom of the pool (or both).
The benefit of interior pool lights is that you and your guests can see the bottom and the edges while swimming. Otherwise, it would be easy to crash into these hard surfaces, causing injury and liability claims. Typically a swimming pool will come with inside pool lights standard, but less expensive models may not.
This means choosing your own and knowing where to put them. It's imperative that the walls of a pool be properly illuminated so that no one will hit it and cause injury, and the areas around ladders and other obstructions should also be well-lit.
Do not rely simply on the pool lights that may be installed in your pool already but take an objective look at the entire structure. J&J Electronics Pool Lights offer a range of industry-leading interior pool lights that are both energy efficient and customizable for your safety and entertainment needs.
Exterior Pool Lights
Exterior pool lights are situated around the pool and illuminate spaces like walkways, patios, and even your backyard. These lights are also necessary so you and your guests can find their way around the pool safely, especially when the ground is wet. Think of landscape lighting, like solar lamps, that line a walkway and other lamps around steps. Remember that you may be very accustomed to the steps or size of your deck, but visitors are not! Add to your pool lights by using lanterns, wall fixtures, and other elements that will keep everything properly illuminated and, therefore, safe.
Overall, exterior lights are much easier to install because they can be self-sufficient and don't necessarily have to connect to your home's electrical grid. Interior lights are more challenging because you must partially drain the pool to install them correctly. Also, since they're mounted into the siding, they need to connect to the grid and be waterproof.
Adding Ambiance
You appreciate your pool during those hot summer days, but what about during the evening? Using the right pool lights will mean being able to use the pool at any time. With a range of efficient, affordable, and customizable options, you can easily add personalized ambiance and atmosphere to your pool area.
Try different colored pool lights for a different setting and to add some flair to the backyard. They can make the entire area seem like a fun party or a posh nightclub. Floating pool lights can also add some personality, and they can make the area safer for use at night.
If you add additional lighting beyond the standard wall lighting, you may be able to use the area during the evening more often, as it will be safer and more inviting. The MagicStream Laminar LED Lights from Pentair (pictured below) offer a fun yet practical ambiance to any pool area.
Assessing the Current Lighting Around Pool
Hopefully, your pool will already have lighting installed. If not, you can still install them without breaking the bank. For above ground pools, it may be a little easier to find lights since you don't have to build much infrastructure around them. Before determining which pool lights you need, inspect and assess any lights you already have. In some cases, your pool's lights may need upgrading or renovation to work correctly. In other instances, you may just need new bulbs or wiring to make them brighter and safer.
Also, consider how you will control the lighting around the pool. Typically, for interior lights, they should be connected to a switch so you can turn them on and off as necessary. Exterior lights may be solar-powered or come on automatically, especially if they're self-contained.
Adding New Lights Around Pool
When installing new pool area lights for safety, you should hire a professional to inspect your current setup. A pro will be able to tell you how many lights you need and where to place them for maximum safety and security.
Another aspect to consider is that you want the lights to be bright enough to illuminate your pool and the surrounding area but not so bright that they look too sterile or uninviting. If possible, you may want to install a dimmer switch to control the brightness. This option is also helpful because you can adjust the lighting as it gets darker outside.
Swim Safely with Pool Supply Unlimited
Pool safety should always be a priority, and lighting can go a long way toward making your pool safer. Knowing which lights to have and how to install them can make the process much easier and more straightforward. At Pool Supply Unlimited, you’ll find a complete selection of interior and exterior pool lights and landscape lighting to keep your backyard well-lit and ready for guests. Browse our selection today to stock up on your safety-improving accessories. And as always, happy swimming!
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