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NOTICE: The pool & spa industry continues to face industry-wide shortages on many products that most vendors expect to last late into 2022. ... We're allowing items to be purchased so that customers who choose to wait will have their order shipped when product is available. Most vendors are not providing any ETA on when items will be available. WE WILL EMAIL YOU RIGHT AWAY IF YOUR ITEM IS BACKORDERED. 


Yesterday, 9/27/19, I had the best customer service experience ever over the phone -- and his name is Stan! 5 stars each for knowledgeable, personable, helpful and diligent in searching for answers to my product questions (I think that's a total of 20 stars if my math is correct, every one deserved. Thank you, Stan,
Mantoloking, NJ

I wanted to let you know what a great job Isaac did in chat yesterday. He patiently explained to me why I was buying the wrong size filter and multi-port valve. He corrected the quote and emailed it to me very quickly. I wish I could get your pricing and service locally.
Peoria, AZ

I am writing to you because you have in your employ a gentleman by the name of Jose Aguilera.
I purchased the Hayward Tiger Shark Robotic Pool Cleaner through your company last week. Upon receiving the product it failed to operate. Not only did it fail to operate, but when I called Hayward the reply from their rep to my question "does this happen often" was "yes".
As you can imagine I was incensed and when I called your company Jose in a very calm professional manner walked me through the steps I needed to take which was:
- call Hayward.
- get a case number and person you spoke to there.
Having just spoken to Hayward I again was upset that I had to call back (it took at least 15 minutes to get someone on the phone at Hayward the first time) but again Mr. Aguilera in a calm manner said I understand, but this is protocol. I'm here to help you. He gave me his direct number and said to call him back once you've spoken to them. That was key. He did that little extra to show me that he was there to help.
Hayward was of no help. This time it took 20 minutes to get someone on the line.
I called the number Mr. Aguilera gave me and true to his word he picked up right away. I told him what transpired and he in effect said Mr. Mata you've done enough. I will deal with our Hayward rep directly.
I ran an equity trading desk on Wall Street for over 30 years. I understand unreasonable upset customers. There are those that know how to deal with the situation and those that can't. Mr. Aquilera dealt with the situation. He assessed what was happening quickly and found a solution. He did that. He didn't pass the buck or let me hang up the phone. He protected me, but more importantly he protected you. He protected the REPUTATION OF YOUR COMPANY.
Gentlemen, an employee who knows how to protect your company's reputation is an employee you want to keep and mentor.
Stevenson, MD

Jonathan immediately understood the basis for my dissatisfaction and asked how he could 'fix' the problem. I told him to retrieve the package from the shipper and .upgrade the service to Saturday delivery at his expense and that is exactly what he did. Problem fixed in 10 minutes. Happy customer here. The moral of the story is: Everyone is entitled to the time necessary to learn how to do their job and undoubtedly in that process some errors are likely to occur. It is simply a necessary part of the equation. Wanting to please a customer, wanting to give the customer what they want is a strong motivation but one that needs to be carefully balanced against the reality of the situation Jonathan understood that in order to maintain or create goodwill with the customer something needed to be done that would to some extent correct the error. And that's what he did by taking the initiative to see to it that I got my part just as soon as possible and without any extra expense to me; Jonathan achieved to important outcomes by his actions. He got me the part I needed in order to do my job, and, he created a very happy customer by showing me that his company valued me as a customer. He took a mistake and turned it into a very positive experience for me. Thanks!
Providence, RI

Vanessa spent about 30 minutes with me on the phone today. I needed a seal kit for a Pentair pump. She tracked it down, had it in stock, and it will arrive here tomorrow.

No one from any company could have provided me with better service in any respect. Vanessa is extremely courteous, and seems genuinely to enjoy her work. She very accurately took note of the various part numbers I provided, and she recorded my address without any trouble, which gives most people trouble.

You really could not have a better representative for your company.

Sincerely yours,
Gig Harbor, WA

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to your service rep Jose. Jose took a complicated situation and resolved issues in a professional and caring manner. My thanks to the management and of course Jose for doing a job well done. As they say keep the customer happy. You have certainly done that please inform Jose my satisfaction and give him all the praise he deserves.
Grants Pass, OR

To whom it may concern:
Brian Wilson went above and beyond to help me with an issue with my slide. He was very thoughtful and helpful in getting my problem solved. Your company is very fortunate to have employees like Brian Wilson.
Thanks, Paul
New Boston, TX

While searching online for a pool part, I came across your site. As we all know, it’s hard to trust companies on the internet as there are so many counterfeit and frauds talent sites. I’d like to recognize Alen Meza who accepted my call and answered every question (my intention was more to find out if your company was real). He went above and beyond helping me and gave me the confidence as a first time customer that your organization is the type I like to do business with. If the shipping and parts arrive as ordered, you’ll not only have a customer, but an advocate. Please tell Alen, “thank you”. Respectfully,
Brentwood, CA

Recently, I was speaking to one of your sales representatives (Noah [extension 1650]) getting information about the Calimar salt cell as a future replacement for my Hayward salt cell. I have experienced a lack of true customer service in dealing with many different companies, but I can happily say that this was not the case in dealing with Noah. He took the time to explain to me about the features of these two salt cells along with the warranty information while conducting himself in a courteous, professional manner. Please know that this customer appreciates the service provided by Noah, and I wanted to recognize this fine employee to you.


I just finished a Sales Call with one of your Representatives, Mr. Vince Manuel. I wanted to send this note of appreciation and recognize his professionalism, integrity, and knowledge. I also wanted to thank him for being so patient and kind to me on the phone. Just a little background; we are in the process of remodeling and landscaping our back yard to include re-framing and repairing our pool.
As a result of Mr. Manuel's professionalism. I will be ordering everything I need to complete this task from your company.
Again, thank you for everything and especially for Mr. Manuel's assistance.
Montgomery, AL

5 Star, Outstanding customer service. I am a verified customer - I ordered a Pentair Intelliflo VS from Pool Supply Unlimited. For some reason, not the fault of Pool Supply, the order went missing. When I called, I was able to reach a Customer Service rep quickly, never had to wade through any annoying robot decision trees. The reps were knowledgeable and clearly interested in fixing the order. What I most appreciated was the ultimate solution.

Thank you so much for your involvement in getting the pool heater out to my home. It arrived expediently and we are now enjoying a heated pool once again. Please know that I will give a glowing reference to anyone who is considering purchasing from Pool Supply Unlimited. Honest, honorable, good pricing and responsive, customer dedicated service. Those are just a few words I use to describe my experience with you and your company. I speak highly of your company and recommend you whenever I can. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Again, thank you.
Warm Regards,
Washington State

Great people to deal with. Talk to you like they know you. Next day delivery. Keep up the great work guys. thanks.
Henderson, NV

I would like to thank Stan and also your company in general.
The price of the pump I purchased from you was well below the price I was quoted by my local pool and spa store. I felt confident that I was able to install this myself, but ran into questions when switching the wires from the old pump to the new. Having no one local to call upon, I dialed your company and Stan instructed me on the proper placement of (C), (H), (L) wires. My pump is installed, working well, quiet, and I am just so grateful that someone at your company was so willing to assist me. You have a new customer for life, and I will make certain to recommend you to anyone needing your services.
Millville, PA

I purchased both a new Pentair Pool Heater and VS Pump several months ago from you.
I would like to make you aware of one of your team members (Stan) who took time tonight to help me solve my issues on my Pentair pool equipment/Intelliflo VF Pump.
Stan spent a lot of time “after normal hours” walking me threw & answer my questions on the issues I had on my equipment.
Super Service!!!! Great team!!!
Stan went way out of his way- past normal working hours to help answer my many questions.
Ryan, You have a “great” team.
Thank Stan for everything…
Mission Viejo, CA

Hopefully you can direct me to the right contact persons' email address. I purchase IT hardware for a large bank and deal with 200+ vendors across the globe. When I run across exceptional service, I am one that wants to make sure that sales rep gets full credit for the great job they are doing.
I do not know his last name, but "ROB" in sales was over the top in great service and was solely responsible for my decision to purchase all my pool equipment from PoolSupply. I didn't order online, but instead spoke with Rob on the phone many times.
Can you provide me with who is best to receive an email from me regarding his great service?
Thank you again,
Ocala, FL

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I appreciate the help that Stan provided me the other day.
Being retired USAF, I would say he definitely went Above and Beyond the call of duty.
It was my pleasure working with someone who takes the time and has the knowledge to explain things to their customers.
Please pass on my appreciation to him.
Forest, VA

Hi Ryan ur staff Stan is the best excellent helper to design a package for our pool spend days with me figure our need we really appreciate ur company help thanks again for u and ur staff
Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to thank EVERYONE at Pool Supply Unlimited for getting me a part for my Pentair Pool Filter in time to avoid a MAJOR crisis. It is 4 days before my son, daughter-in-law and 2 year old grandson are to arrive for a big weekend of celebration and a lot of swimming in the pool. I'm talking crisis because besides that, we are having 40 people to my house on Saturday for a Kentucky Derby Party, a birthday party, and then most importantly, a Mothers Day pool party on Sunday. I had been calling all sorts of companies to get the part I needed and delivered ASAP with little success. I came across the Pool Supply Unlimited web site and gave them a call. It just so happened to be 15 minutes before UPS was scheduled to pick up for the day, and somehow you got my part packed and out the door in time to have it delivered to me before 10:30 the next morning. I was incredible service and I will go no where else in the future when I need a major part for my pool. GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Moon Township, PA

BINGO!!! That did it! Brandon recommended I check the jumpers. Why Hayward would ship with jumpers for 220 is beyond me (or at least make note of it somewhere, LOL). Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! This cured a lot of aggravation! Job well done! Nice to see customer service is still alive in the USA!
Palm Harbor, FL

I wanted to recommend a kudos or attaboy for Customer Service professional Bryan Lane. He sits in the Nashville office, and was very informative, cooperative and overall helpful to meet my demanding needs to order a diving board for a Swim Club with short notice. He was available for repeated conversations, directed me in the right direction for product knowledge and was successful in meeting the expectation of receiving my product within my desired timeline. I hope your observations of his work ethic are aligned with my experiences. Thank you for support.
Norcross, GA

I don't know how to "rate you online" but please do let this email serve as my thank you and recognition for helping me out of a big problem with my spa/pool (and please pass it along to anyone you feel is appropriate). As mentioned previously I am extremely impressed by the depth of your knowledge (as well as the general depth of knowledge of everyone I've spoken with at the company). You were more than generous with your time and experience and I'm sure that you engineered the best solution to my challenging situation. Everyone there has truly put customer service first and, in my experience, that is (sadly) a rare situation these days. Thanks again for your help. I look forward to continued business with you and your company.
Walter Mill, NY

Hi, I just wanted to reach to you guys and share this with you. I was at a point of ordering everything from Amazon when their ordering informed me that the shipping time of the heater was 1-2 months. I immediately cancelled the process and did ago ogle search for the heater and your website showed up in the search results. When I got to your site the first thing I noticed was that your price was almost 10% less! So, I decided to check the other items I was ordering and on almost every item the cost saving was comparable. There was 1 item that I needed some advice on so o decided to call and got Aaron on the phone who was able to guide me in the right direction. One other thing, you had all of the items in stock and Aaron told me it would be shipping out Monday. So here's the bottom line, I got expert advice, In stock inventory, and saved almost $700! Thanks for a good experience!
Baton Rouge, LA

I just ordered a pool pump from you and I want to thank you for the great service, I ordered the pump a couple days ago and have already received it. Now that is great service. I wish everyone did as good as you folks. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Just got off the phone after placing an order with Aaron Byers and felt compelled to write you regarding his excellent customer service. We are a physical therapy clinic in Cumberland Md and being a business owner I recognize the value of "great" customer service and recognize it when I see it. Aaron was courteous, informative but, most of all very in-tune with our need to get a Raypak heater to us ASAP. I am certain that if the rest of your operation chain operates in the same manner as Aaron Byers, we will receive our heater as promised saving us considerable money from preventing closure but, more importantly preventing a laspe in care to our patients. Please give Aaron my thanks again and please share this email with him and your staff.
Cumberland, MD

Pool Supply Unlimited is fast and efficient. Orders are delivered quickly to your door. The best experience I have ever had ordering online.
Edgefield, SC

Thank you very much for the pool pump you sent me. Your customer service was extremely helpful and guided me to exactly what I needed. The shipping was lightning fast. You all far surpassed my expectation. Without a doubt one of the best companies I have ever bought from on the web. You all are great!!!
Wayne, TN

I got my order had slight complaint emailed them by the time I sent email and went to kitchen the phone rang with someone named Keith dealing with it THATS the best service I have ever seen will most deff buy again from company.
Waldon, NY

Simple web interface makes shopping a breeze. I was able to easily navigate between pages, reading reviews and researching products before placing an order. The order arrived on time and in great shape. Wish all online orders were this easy.
Wilton Manors, FL

The foot pad was broken on the new pump/motor I received. I contacted you, sent you a photo and you immediately sent a new foot pad. I received it today. Excellent customer service. Thank you very much. Anyone can have product/delivery issues, what matters is how you handle them. You guys handled the issue perfectly!
Spicewood, TX

Easy to find the items I was looking for. GREAT prices!!!! Supper fast delivery time. Overall I give you guys 20 out of 10!! Thank you,
Riverside, CA

Thank you very much Chris!! This is really fantastic. This pool heater has been great. I wish I had made the purchase 10 years ago. Our old heater never worked properly, and my monthly gas bills were outrageous when I used it. I have nearly paid for this heater with just 2 months of use. Pool Supply Unlimited has been great to work with, and I won't hesitate to recommend you to others. (Including my pool guy!) Have a great weekend Chris, and thanks again!!
Columbus, OH

Just a quick note concerning my recent order with Pool Supply Unlimited. I want to thank you for making my on-line experience with your company so pleasant. The LCD display I ordered arrived the next day! The installation instructions you provided made it easy to replace. I will certainly use Pool Supply Unlimited for all my future pool supply needs.
Imperial Beach, CA

Great customer service!! I called with a question about a blower motor and spoke with Ryan Foster. He had to check with the manufacturer, and quite honestly I figured "he'll never get back with me". Well he did, and he had the answer I needed. Then, after the order was placed, the manufacturer needed additional information and Ryan saw to it that he got them what they needed from me. Great to find a company that actually knows what customer service really is!!!! When I need additional products like this, I will be back -- even if they are not the best price as the customer service would be well worth any price difference. But on top of everything else above, they were the best price on this particular item. Thanks Ryan!!
Victoria, TX

To whom it may concern: Last week I ordered a new spa heater for my 16yr old one had seen enough. After speaking to someone and asking some questions, I ordered the heater. Your prices were by far the best I found. I live in Florida and ordered the heater on Wednesday and it was sitting in my garage Friday - two days later - ready for me to install. That was amazing and everything was in perfect condition. However, not all carriers handle items as they should. Thank you for your very, very fast delivery and great web site, I might add.
G. Purdy
Venice, FL

This was my first time to order from your company....and a BIG thank you to Chris for all of the helpful information. Great customer service!
C. Rozell
N. Richland Hills, TX

I recently ordered all the equipment for my new pool/spa from Pool Supply Unlimited. The reason I decided not to shop around at other Internet sites as well as pool equipment suppliers here in Houston was the expertise and help of John Reed. After several phone calls and visits to some of your competitors, it was clear that they were only equipped to quote prices and did not have the expertise to help me determine the equipment that might work best at my home in the Caribbean. John is definitely a competitive advantage for your company!
C. Goff
Houston, TX

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing turn around time you have. I placed an order online last night around 8 pm and it was delivered to me this morning at 10:30am. My contractor and I couldnt believe it. I dont think I could have gotten it faster myself. Thank you so much! If I ever need anything again, I will definitely be using you!
Tujunga, CA

The delivery time is very quick. In comparing my past ordering experience, it appears that the staff at poolsupplyunlimited.com always process their orders immediately so the items have a tracking number in less than 24 hours. I can say that this is not the case for the various competition companies I have ordered through over the years, which appear to stand by their processing of three business days, before delivering an order to the shipper. Keeping prices low and quick delivery times are two of the reasons I am a returning customer. Thank you for your service.
Lemoore, CA

Pool Supply Unlimited was extremely helpful in aiding me in my pool automation endeavors. In fact, I had a hard time with 3 other companies, none of which knew what they were talking about. Pool Supply Unlimited was courteous, knowledgable, and very helpful.
St Louis, MO

Web site was very easy to navigate. Very nice items to choose from. I searched many web sites for an offset umbrella and I found your site. I ordered what I wanted, got confirmation that it was ordered, then another email stating that you do not have that item any longer. I called your company and spoke to Shawna and she emailed me 6 different umbrellas that you had in stock for me to look at and order. I called her back to see if you had one that I found but was not on her list...out of stock. She helped me place the order for my second runner up and I received the order within four days. I was VERY happy with Shawna's help and LOVE the umbrella I ordered. We will definitely order from your company again. I already passed out you company name to a few friends.
Shelbyville, KY

I was so glad this company had the item I needed; otherwise, we would have to purchase a whole new filter, as the manufacturer no longer makes the parts for it. You saved my summer!!! Part fit perfectly, and we are off and running with our filter working fine as always!! Thanks again for having the part, being easy to shop on your site, and shipping it out in two days!
Homer Glen, IL

Pool Supply Unlimited has been terrific. They have real people who answer the phones and can help you out. You don't have to go through some automated system. Just nice folks answering your questions. They were very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. In this day and age of impersonal internet buying, it's really cool to find a company that still answers the phones.

I just wanted to send you a thanks and job well done after my order. We had called with a question regarding the unit and your staff was knowledgeable and helpful. It was refreshing to be able to talk to a live person who knew what they were talking about. I will definitely recommend to you to anyone and everyone that I know who is needing pool equipment!
Greenwood, IN

Ryan just a note to tell you how happy and satisfied I am with you and your company, rarely do you get the customer service that I have received from you. I was in the service business for 35 years and I know it when I see a great company. Everything is online and working just great. Very happy with the Pentair pump, much quieter than the old Waterway! Thanks for the fast replacement of the unions. The heater seems to work great also. I did pipe a bypass in it so I could get balanced in the spring when my PH is low, I did not want that running thru the heater. A very happy and satisfied customer on the other side of the country thank you.
Bridgewater, NH

Management, I had the pleasure of dealing with a member of your sales staff this evening & he was a delight to work with. Not too happy about some of my on line contacts - they seem to be more interested in obtaining my credit card # than providing quality service. Brian took the time, at the end of his day to solve my problem & couldn't be more polite in doing so. Note time of this email - I couldn't end my day without commending you on having such a fine sales person to deal with the public. Because of Brian - you people have acquired a new customer. You may add me to your email listing. Why not allow Brian a longer lunch break today - let him know he's appreciated. Respectfully,
Columbus, Ohio

Even though I can purchase the items I ordered, locally...I chose to return to Poolsupplyunlimited.com as I had a VERY SUCCESSFUL experience with dealing with them in the past. I will continue to do so in the future when the occasion arises again.
Scottsdale, AZ

This site has been a life saver for our pool. If I have a problem all I do is call up and my questions get answered. When I need a part that is not on the site I call up and customer services finds it for me. Top not customer service.
Marquette, MI

I received my Hayward Color Logic light today in perfect shape and right on time. I found the customer support to be top notch and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Satisfied New Customer,
Orlando, FL

Good Morning from Meridian, Idaho I recently purchased a Sta-Rite spa heater from Pool Supply Unlimited. The service that I received from the very start was excellent. I am in a service business and so I appreciate good service. The sales person had was friendly, he had the info I needed to make my ordering decision readily available. Had the complete price with shipping ready. He answered all my questions. The heater shipped that day with the tracking info in my e-mail the next morning. The heater arrived, packed well and in great shape. We had it in place that very afternoon. Buying on the internet is sometimes challenging. Pool Supply Unlimited has it figured out. Good Job!
Thanks, Ron
Meridian, ID

Dear Sales Staff Manager: On 01/18/13 was my very first time placing an order for a new 1HP Pentair pool pump. I just want to say, that this Pentair pump is fantastic, and you made me your customer for life! The pump was very well priced and well made. This Pentair pump was very easy to install and when I powered it up, it was so quiet, I had to put my hand on the pump to see if it was running! Your customer service was also great, as the person I spoke to, was very helpful with everything I needed. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely purchase again for all my pool needs!
Phoenix, AZ

It is not everyday you get a friendly voice like I received today when I called your office. Shawna went way "OVER THE TOP" to help me in locating the pump I had returned. to the company for which I had not been credited back.. She quickly checked and discovered it was received and then assured me my account would be credited ASAP.
Her friendly nature and willingness to help was appreciated and I have since reviewed your website in case I have need of other parts for my SPA. It was a pleasure doing business with her and hope you will consider this recommendation on her behalf as a prompt to you to recognize what an asset you have in Shawna.
Walterboro, SC

I just wanted to give a shout out to Robert and his great customer service. I originally found Pool Supply Unlimited by price matching for a new variable speed pump. Yes, your prices are good but the real reason I keep coming back for my pool supplies and equipment is because you have EXCELLENT customer service. I recommend you guys to my friends all the time because of the great service! Thanks,
Eastvale, CA

Thanx to Chris!! You folks are #1. Super service, love the product too.
Placida , Florida

Your sales department is incredibly awesome!!! I first spoke to Shawna, then to her counter-part Aaron. He really went above and beyond! Late in the afternoon and the day before Thanksgiving. He pulled off a miracle. Thank you for your outstanding customer service.
Pismo Beach, CA

Ryan, We received the replacement refrigerator and door this afternoon. Thank you for making this happen. I would like to once again tell you how much of a pleasure it has been working with you and your company. Although there were some issues, we were able to work through them in a very professional manner with the highest regard to customer service. I understand the importance of excellent customer service, and you and Pool Supply Unlimited exemplify just that. I have and will continue to recommend your company to others in this area who are in the market for the products you supply. Thanks again,
Fairport, NY

Aaron, Thank you for your help. I purchased a T-Cell 9 and new circuit board from your office on Friday to replace my 13 year old T-Cell 15 and board. I installed the new board and salt conversion cell on Saturday in about 2 hours. The entire process was relatively simple. You were right about making sure the board was programed to match the type of conversion cell. The directions were a little confusing in this regard but with a little thought I got it done. Incidentally, Hayward has a 30 page Owner's Manual on line. All is up and functioning properly. Huge savings coming to you guys as opposed to having a pool service do it. Glad I found you. Thank you again.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Just wanted to let you know that the second box for our Nano just now arrived, like you said & we look forward to be back up and running soon. A special "thank you" for your professionalism in taking care of our order. This turned out to be much more complicated than I ever envisioned. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in the future and our first choice in the future for any pool supplies. Sincerely,
Bev & Chris
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Keith - Thank you again for extraordinary customer service. I'm happy to leave positive feedback if able.
Gotha, Florida

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service I just received from shawna and her professionalism. I placed an original order 38014 but received the wrong item. A replacement part was reordered and its on its way - just like that. Well done, a happy customer. Thanks Shawna!!!!!
Severna Park, Maryland

Just wanted to let you know that your customer service was fantastic. Both the man and the woman who helped me over the phone were professional, informative and quick to answer all questions. We just installed the three color splash LED 3G pool lights and they are BEYOND what we expected. They are perfect!!!
Pinecrest, FL

I'd like to thank Aaron & Ryan for excellent customer service, product knowledge, and help in getting me a great deal on a heat pump and delivered on time with a tight scheduling window! Thanks!
Gilboa, NY

Hi Ryan…everyone: I just wanted to thank you for the way you have handled my order. First for being immediately up front with the out of stock item and then for the diligence in working around the problem. While this failure has impacted pool maintenance for the past week, your consideration during the process has somewhat softened the inconvenience. Having been in telecommunications sales for 50 years or so, I understand the importance of customer support, particularly after the sale.Regards,
Flower Mound, TX

I just want to send a very special thank to John for all his help and effort towards my order which we received and all is working swimmingly pun intended. Those of you who own and operate this company should know what a rare commodity John is. In today's society with communications being less and less personal so goes the need to try and do ones best to help the consumer. We all need to remember what the consumer represents and John took it to the max. It is nice to be recognized for what we are. John has made me once again believe in what is right in consumer sales. He for your company is definitely a keeper and because of his efforts we will purchase as much as we can from your company and let others know that there are people out there who can still be gracious and have customer savvy. Thank you for John
Hampstead, NC

Dear Pool Supply Unlimited, I ordered a pool heater from you last Thursday and was told it would arrive this Thursday or Friday. While I was a bit disappointed that it wouldn't be installed before the fourth, I was excited to have it coming. I got a call today (Monday) that it not only was shipped express but that it will be here tomorrow...in time to get it installed and the pool heated before the fourth. It is my granddaughter's 16th birthday on the fourth and I am so excited that she will have a special sweet sixteenth swim party in a heated pool with all the BBQ trimmings I can get together in a couple of days...you bet we will be doing it up big! This doesn't seem like much to a big corporation, but it is huge for a grandma who has missed her darlings very much this summer. Thank you so much for getting our pool heater to us in such a short time. Sincerely,
Mrs. Friend
Arlington, WA

Hey Ryan, Thank you very much! This is my second time purchasing with your company. Love your customer service! You stand out above all the rest because of that! My best,
Thurmont, MD

Mike I appreciate your follow up attention. When dealing with Internet companies you never know what you will get. In fact I started with another co but could never get them to answer the phone. I'm very impressed with your group. Thank you.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Thanks Ryan - I will call you later today to order the Ecomatic generic replacement cell. Sorry for all the back and forth e-mails. Great customer service - makes it a very easy decision to order from your company.

Ryan: Finally - success!! Thanks for all you have done. I would be more than happy to send an e-mail to your boss on your excellent customer service - just pass on that person's e-mail address to me.

I will be buying a navigator soon from you
I like the way you run your business

Thanks so much for your help. I tracked the pump & filter, they shipped yesterday and are scheduled for delivery today! Awesome service.

I want to let you know that I received my new pool heater. It was delivered on time and in perfect condition. I will be installing it soon. Was great doing business with you. I will try to send more business your way.

Dear Better Business Bureau,
Not many times people go to your sight to praise/express compliments a business, but I wish to!
I just conducted business transactions with “Pool Supply Unlimited” in Ontario California!
Mike their representative was very outgoing in service, taking care of my transactions in a trustworthy nature and the pricing structure for pool supplies created a strong value to the transaction!
I highly recommend doing business with them!
North Canton, Ohio

I just bought a pool pump and filter and wanted to let you know that the person helping me was extremely knowledgeable, which is unusual. Second, the web site has very clear and detailed info. on the products, including identification of other parts I needed. Third, you were open long hours, even on Sat. Sun, and late into the evening, AND you had great prices! I work all week and into the eve. so it is nice to have someone available for questions and put in an order late evenings and both days of the weekend, so I can order stuff by working it in around my other projects.! Great job!
Delansin, NY

You have a gem in Ryan! I manage a customer service desk and Ryan meets every standard of delivering exceptional customer service. After a calling Goldline support for help with my chlorine generator and dealing with a very rude employee I found Pool Supply Unlimited on line, promptly called and Ryan answered. He spent time with me answering my questions, not rushing me and making sure I understood what he was explaining to me.

Its me again. I received the chlorine generator today and had questions after hooking it up. I was hoping to get Ryan when I called as in my previous note to you he is very customer service oriented. When I called Mike answered the phone and I was disappointed that Ryan didnt answer. However, KUDOS to Mike.
He answered all my questions, went above and beyond and helped me with some diagnositcs so that I wouldnt have to call Goldline support.
You have a great support team! Mike and Ryan - you guys ROCK!
From a very happy customer in Ohio.

Thanx for the great service. I had the new cell installed by 9 AM Tuesday and the salt content back up to 3200 by 9 PM. The best price locally was $700.00!
You will be the first place I look for any future pool needs.
Mary Esther, FL

Thanks for the great service. I hope you can appreciate how nice it is to have good service in these days when customer service does not seem important to many companies. You followed up and returned calls exactly as promised and your service was prompt and especially friendly. Your effort to allow me to pick up the board at will call and save me considerable shipping charges was sincerely appreciated. I don't know what your company structure is like, but if you have a supervisor, please share this e-mail with them as I think your service, at least in my opinion, should be recognized.
Damascus, Oregon

This is a comment for the supervisor of one of your sales personnel TIM I just purchased a salt cell replacement - Tim was very helpful & professional. Its a pleasure dealing with a young man of his demeanor. Thank-you!!

Yes we have the updated software. Our electrical panel stopped working this summer and was replaced with the newer model with the option to use the t-cell 3, 9 or 15. I am very impressed that you are asking before sending to customers, because I read a lot of reviews from other places and a lot were negative because people did not know that they couldn't use the smaller cells on old models. I hope the rest of this transaction is as impressive!
Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the quick response time...hard to find people as dedicated as you. Much appreciated an will probably do business with you again.
Plymouth, Indiana

Thank you very much Mike. Your good service will not be forgotten as we move into pool season. You are now the first bookmark I have in that category and will always be the first place I look for what we may need.
South Daytona, Florida

Abilene, Texas

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Way to turn a shipping error into a customer service success story.
Valencia, CA

Hi Ryan,
First,I would like to thank everyone, on their prompt concern in this matter. It's not everyday, to see people trying to correct a problem, such as SR Smith and Yourself, has done. It is very refreshing to see that there are still companies out there, that strive for company excellence in their work. Because of your comment, rest assure that I will be promoting, both Pool Supply Unlimited and SR Smith, for any pool renovation. Many Thanks Again!!
Lehigh Acres, FL

Hi John,
Just a note of thanks for the great service. Purchased the board from Pool Supply via the web on May 8th, delivered and installed on May 12th!
Cold Spring, KY

I appreciate your handling of this small order with great service. It's a pleasure to do business with someone that has concern for the customer.
Granbury, TX

Just a quick note to thank Ryan and Kieth for their help in buying my Sta Rite heater. After to talking to mulitple other resources I purchased from Ryan and Keith becuase the took the time to help and were extremely good on the phone. The customer service and web site were as good as I have worked with in buying. Price was very good compared to others but the service is why I ultimately went with Pool Supply Unlimited THANKS GUYS !!!! Happy Customer Chris
Big Lake, MN

Thanks. Got 'em, and this is the right kit. The diving board is installed. Case closed.
Don't worry about the mishaps. Every company makes mistakes. The important thing is how they deal with them. You always responded to me in timely manner and diligently persisted until I got the right stuff. I sincerely appreciate the responsive way you handled it


Lakeville, MA

I wanted to let you guys know I'm very pleased with your services.
My ordeal started when my Raypak hot tub heater needed to be replaced. I called my local dealer to diagnose, and they recommended a new heater. They also said, "don't order one from a remote supplier, ie, internet" or you will be disappointed with their service and follow-up".
At that time, I did some research and located your company. I took a bit of a chance ordering the new heater from you, with the hopes of installing it myself. You had assured me you would be there for any questions or support.
Unfortunately, a natural gas heater was delivered vs. a propane. I did not know this and proceeded to install the heater. It heated the water, except the exhaust was thick and very smokey.
At this point, it was a "he said, she said", as the order referenced a natural gas heater and I knew I ordered a propane type. It would have been very easy for your company to disregard my needs and lean on the fact that the order referenced the natural gas heater.
Instead, you (Mike) took it on to research what it would take to remedy this situation. You found a replacement burner kit, purchased it and sent it to me. You also sent me instructions as to how to install myself (very easy).
Bottom line, the hot tub heater works as expected! I am very pleased with your level of customer service and wrote this note so that others who may be a bit hesitant may take note.
I want to thank you again for your support throughout the process. I won't hesitate to recommend you to a friend, along with order more equipment from you in the future!
Thanks again,
St Petersburg, FL

Received my order right on time and my pool is much better already! And, you had both of the items I needed! Thank you very much! I will definitely order from you again!
Virgina Beach, VA

Pool Supply Unlimited,

I did not catch the name of the individual I worked with on placing by order for the lateral assembly, but did want to follow up and send this note of thanks for making every effort that my order out the door early on Thursday 7/14/11 as promised and was needed.
This allowed the part to be delivered, by UPS, on Friday 7/15/11 and have the pool back on-line quickly, before we had a pool that was out of control and a pool full of green slime. It is crystal clear and everyone was enjoying it this weekend, in the heat of the day, thanks to the pool repair guy (me) and Pool Supply Unlimited.
Excellent job Pool Supply Unlimited folks, for your efforts.
Custormer for life on pool supply parts.
Greencastle, IN

I greatly appreciate John's help! The board and stand arrived in half the time promised, allowing us to move forward with that project. Thanks for going above and beyond. We'll get with you on our next project soon.
Oklahoma City, OK

Hi guys, just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the great service. The blower motor arrived safe and sound due to the great packing job. You had the best price and it had all the original wiring plugs. Thanks again.
Franklinville, NJ

Cool! Thanks! I had just noticed it cheaper at [email protected]#$% Pool supply and was feeling bad about getting it there because you have been so helpful. Thanks for being so easy to do business with.

Hello John, FYI, I just wrote this review for you on the ResellerRatings.com site. - Dan I dont have any experience with pool maintenance or pool system components, but I found myself needing to replace a pool motor. While searching the Internet, I was extremely fortunate to find Pool Supply Unlimited in Ontario. Their website was exceptionally informative and had an online chat feature, which I thought to try. John answered the chat request almost immediately and I found him to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention patient and easy to communicate with. His pricing on a pool motor was almost less than half one of their competitors and beat my online price comparison search results as well - on all the parts I needed. I then called John on their 1-800 number to speak with him in person. John also quoted me a very reasonable price for the parts and a service call to install the pump. Unfortunately, he did not directly serve my location, but gladly recommended a person who had a slightly higher installation fee, but was willing to do the job Johns price. The person whom John recommended to install the pump and parts that I purchased from him was willing to pick up the parts from John in Ontario and then install them on the same day in my area, which is Pasadena. The person John recommended went the extra mile and did such an outstanding job answering all of my questions, I volunteered and was more than happy to give him his higher service call fee only $25 higher. Anyway, I have Pool Supply Unlimited, John, and his service recommendation safely stored in my address books, and phone, because I definitely plan to patronize them again as well as recommend them to others in the neighborhood. I recommend that you give Pool Supply Unlimited a call and talk to John or one of his associates.
Pasadena & Buena Park, CA

I'm HUGE on service and ou guys are great at it, stay that way and I am your Texas spokesperson, thanks for again treating me like you want my business.
Desoto, TX

I ordered a Pentair replacement cell from your online site on October 7, 2011. It was delivered on Tueday October 11 by UPS Ground. Great packaging and service!!! I have added your store to my Favorites and will be ordering all my supplies from you in the future. Thanks Again!
Las Vegas, NV

Be advised that the heater order 0002xxxx and delivered to Bath, Maine arrived on time, has been installed and is working fine.
Replacing similar model, but find this new one is about 25% more efficient (heats faster) than the previous one. Thanks for the good service.
Bath, Maine

Mike and Ryan,
Once again you guys always have the answers. My wife and I were discussing this morning how we wish you were located here. We cannot get the level of expertise that you offer, as well as the level of customer service. You guys are the best and always appreciated. Tom
Lafayette, LA

Dear Ryan and Pool Supply Unlimited,
This morning about 10am a fellow hand delivered our slide and pool poles. He had come from Riverside to especially deliver our things today. I am utterly speechless. Thank you does not begin to convey the gratitude I feel. You have provided the best service we have ever received for delivering a product.
I wanted to say a hearty thanks to one and all for a job well done. With the turn in good weather, I will be able to build it this weekend.
Our grand daughter and her three small children have just announced they are coming for " a few weeks", so your timing is absolutely poetic and perfect.
Thanks. You went beyond the call of duty.
Kind Regards,
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you! I really enjoy doing business with you folks. Keith and others have been very helpful with advise and suggestions! The pool light fixture I bought a few weeks ago works great and I would not have figured out how to install it without your help!
Orlando, FL

Just wanted to tell you how completely satisfied I am with my recent purchase of a Pentair Stay-Rite SR400 LP pool heater. Great price , helpful customer service person answered my questions. I was wary. shipped from CA to CT but it was quick and easy. The Stay-Rite unit is the best- no-rust housing that keeps mice from nesting inside.
David Sippin
Fairfield, CT

Thank you. I would like to acknowledge Tim's excellent customer support in that he is going out of his way to hand deliver this to UPS since they have already picked up at your place of business.
Ed Sano
El Paso, TX

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service that I was given with delivery of my pool heater to Cathedral City. Your customer service rep Ryan was most helpful in arranging and insuring prompt service. I would highly recommend your company to anybody needing pool supplies and equipment. Thanks again.
Delta, B.C. Canada

I wanted to thank John for spending the time to answer all of my questions and give me the guidance I needed for my search for a new Pool Heater for my 40,000 pool in Omaha Nebraska. His technical expertise was invaluable to me. I learned a lot and now know what I am going to need to do. I will be taking measurements and will be purchasing my new equipment from you and have already added your site to my favorites on my computer.
Industrial Commercial Insulation, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Mike and Ryan,
While studying for my MBA in the mid 1980’s the focus of our management classes revolved around a book called “In Search of Excellence”. The book explains what sets the successful companies apart from the average companies. By far in my opinion you two men have found the secret of “Excellence”. You provide unbelievable customer service with a quality product at a great price. The extra mile that you went in handling my orders, the difficulties that I experienced with a defective part, the way you resolved the situation should be a model for others to learn from. When the manufacturer would not honor a warranty request that I had made, you sent parts out of your inventory at your expense and then took over the claim with the manufacturer. I am forever grateful for your handling of this situation.
As a small business owner myself, it is rare to find a company that actually “LIVES” the cardinal rule “the customer comes first and is always right”. My congratulations and admiration to you both for running your company the way you do. I know that success will follow you for many years and that your customers will learn that doing business with your company is a joy.
Thomas P. Spedale
Spedale’s Florist and Wholesale www.spedaleswholesale.com
Lafayette, LA

I just wanted to say thank you for the fast service. I got the part yesteday afternoon, I installed it before dinner. The pool is running great again. Thank you for saving me some money also. Good Job!!!
Dallas, TX

Attn: Manager/Director of Sales
I wanted to write this email to tell you about my experience with poolsupplyunlimited.com. I was needing a part for my Baracuda Alpha3 pool cleaner. As I have found out, this machine is quite outdated and the parts are almost impossible to find! After ordering it twice and receiving an "out of stock" email from two separate companies, I decided to give it one last shot, and search for it again. I came across poolsupplyunlimited.com using my google shopping page.
Instead of ordering the part through the website, I decided to call customer services to try to speak to someone directly.
I was greeted by Ryan and told him of my (failed) progress. He actually found the part and said it could be shipped to your warehouse by tomorrow noon. I was planning to come pick it up, but instead he offered to swing by and drop it off directly to my house on his way home. I am so impressed that he suggested to do this and go out of his way to go above and beyond for a customer. I cannot say enough nice things about the way he offered the much appreciated help by not only locating and ordering the part, but also by willing to bring it to me on his way home.
From now on, I plan on using poolsupplyunlimited.com for my purchases of pool supplies. Thanks to Ryan, you have a customer for life!
Thank you 100 times over for Ryan!!!
Redlands, CA

I justed wanted to say thank you. I called yesterday to order an impeller, you suggested that I make sure the skimmer line was clear with a hose bladder. That cleared the line and solved the problem. You guys are the best!
Dallas, TX

WOW Really Fast Shipping And Great Packaging
The product is better than I had hoped for and should work great I'll send pics when it's finished. Right now we are blanketed under several feet of snow and ice. I have to get to the store to pick up the rest of the parts for the bicycle rack/workstand.
Thanks for the great customer service. I'll keep in touch.
Philadelphia, PA

Wow! Your customer service is just fantastic. I am in Ohio and called yesterday evening (after your normal shipping cutoff) to order a replacement cell for my chlorinator. 20 hours later I have the new cell installed and operating! Thanks to Ryan for going out of his way to personally take the shipment to UPS. with complimentary shipping Good customer service is often over advertised and poorly executed. You have done a great job and can expect all of my future pool supplies business even though you are 2000 miles away.
Thank you very much!
Goshen, OH

Salt chlorinator element arrived today. Installed and working like a “champ”. Original element that was sent was returned via UPS today. Thanks for straightening this out. You extra efforts have obtained a loyal customer.
Scott, NV

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