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Ultimate Guide to Clearing Up Cloudy Pool Water

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Why is My Pool Cloudy?
If your pool water is cloudy, it’s likely due to low or no chlorine, water balance issues, filtration problems, poor circulation, inclement weather, or increased use.
  • Low or no chlorine: Cloudy pool water can be caused by a lack of chlorine. Sometimes all you need to do is shock your pool to rid it of murky water.
  • Water balance issues: Proper pool maintenance is all about balancing chemicals. If your water is murky, it might be due to improper chemical distribution.
  • Filtration or circulation problems: If your pool pump and filter aren’t working properly, it can lead to cloudy pool water. Be sure to check the status of your equipment.
  • Inclement weather or increased use: Weather events like prolonged rain storms can cause cloudy water–as can increased use. Sometimes all you need is a dose of pool water clarifier to remedy the issue.
How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water
Knowing why your pool water is cloudy is the first step to clearing it up. Here is how to fix cloudy pool water, depending on the reason it got murky in the first place.
Low or No Chlorine:
If you want crystal-clear pool water, you need the perfect amount of chlorine. If your pool water is cloudy, there’s a good chance you need to add chlorine or shock your pool. To do this, first, test your water using a test kit to measure the chlorine level. If it’s lower than three parts per million (ppm), treat your pool water with a chlorine-based pool shock. Remember that swimming in a recently shocked pool isn’t safe or enjoyable–wait at least 24 hours before diving back in!
Water Balance Issues:
Monitoring your pool's water chemistry is essential for maintaining clear and healthy pool water. If you suspect your cloudy pool water is due to balance issues, use pool test strips to check the current levels and adjust as needed. For the most accurate results, you can bring a sample of your pool water to a local pool supply store for professional analysis and treatment recommendations. Then, you can use this guide to balance and treat your pool's water correctly. With regular maintenance, following the right treatment plan based on accurate testing results you can keep your swimming area clean and healthy so you can enjoy a crystal-clear pool all season long!
Filtration or Circulation Problems:
If your chlorine levels are good and your chemicals are balanced, but you’re still dealing with cloudy pool water, it’s time to check your filtration and circulation systems. Start by cleaning out the pump strainer and skimmer baskets. This can help keep debris from clogging up your system, which may lead to cloudy pool water. It’s also important to monitor your pump and filter to ensure they are working properly. If you notice your pool is still murky after a good cleaning, it may be time to replace your pool filter.
Inclement Weather or Increased Use:
Summer rain and other weather-related elements can bring a plethora of pollutants into the pool, causing cloudy and unappealing water conditions. As a pool owner, it’s essential to have solutions ready to accurately balance your pool and protect it from debris and bather waste. Having a variety of pool shock, chlorine tablets, pool chemicals, a pool chemical feeder, and other pool maintenance supplies on hand will help you make quick corrections to keep your water clear throughout the season.
Ditch Cloudy Pool Water for Good with Pool Supply Unlimited 
Cloudy pool water not only looks unappealing, but it’s also a health and safety hazard for swimmers. Pool ownership requires ongoing maintenance with thoughtful and timely treatments so everyone can enjoy a sparkling clear summer oasis!
At Pool Supply Unlimited, we carry all the products and supplies you need to tackle common issues such as murky or cloudy water so that you can enjoy an inviting, healthy swimming pool all year long. Whether it’s balancing your chemical-based sanitation system, checking your pH levels, or removing debris and contaminants with a skimmer basket, we have you covered. Shop our pool supplies today–getting clear pool water is just a few clicks away!
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