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The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Pool Cleaners

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Owning a pool can be a lot of fun but cleaning it sure isn't. One of the biggest challenges of pool maintenance is vacuuming all the gunk out when opening the pool for the season. Fortunately, once that hard work is finished, you can outsource the job to a robot—specifically, an automatic pool cleaner. Here's everything you need to know about these time-saving pool maintenance heroes.
Types of Pool Vacuums
Before letting a robot take charge of your pool's pristine appearance, you need to know which auto cleaner is the best. There are three primary types available: suction, pressure, and robotic. Here's a quick breakdown of each option and how it works.
Suction Cleaner
Inground suction cleaners are beloved automatic cleaners thanks to their reliability and performance. However, these cleaners can be tricky to set up because you need to ensure maximum suction by removing all air from the hose. This process can be time-consuming, and if you use the pool often, you must do it regularly.
That said, suction cleaners can easily remove most dirt and debris from your pool, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the season. However, they are not suitable for pools with lots of algae and environmental debris (i.e., leaves).
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Pressure Cleaner
Another issue with suction cleaners is that they can disrupt the flow of water within your pool. If the hose gets clogged or there's too much debris, water won't go into the pump correctly. Pressure side pool cleaners alleviate this problem by connecting to the output port, not the input. This way, the pressure of the outcoming water powers the device and creates a vacuum to collect debris.
These cleaners have their own collection bags, so they're often more effective than suction cleaners because they don't get clogged easily. Plus, the water coming out of the back end of the device can dislodge dirt and algae on the pool floor, giving you a double dose of cleaning power.

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Robotic Cleaner
Robotic cleaners are like Roombas for your pool. They're much easier to set up than a suction cleaner, and they have the speed and accuracy of a pressure cleaner. What does that mean for you? You get the best of both worlds! However, such convenience and performance come at a price, considering robotic cleaners are often 30 to 50 percent more expensive.
That said, having a robot navigate your pool and clean any debris it finds can add a bit of whimsy and innovation to your backyard. Plus, it works for a lot cheaper than a local pool boy.
How To Choose an Automatic Pool Cleaner
Knowing the types of pool vacuums is just one factor to consider when picking a pool cleaner. Here are some other elements to pay attention to during your search:
  • Price - Some automatic pool cleaners can be expensive, but if they last for several years, consider the time and money you could save on cleaning the pool yourself (or hiring a professional)!
  •  Pool Size - Larger pools typically accumulate more debris and require a cleaner that can handle the load. In some cases, you may even need two cleaners to get the job done. 
  • Pool Shape - Suction cleaners are best for square or round pools with few twists and turns. Pressure cleaners can move up and down inclines more easily, and robotic cleaners are the best at navigating awkwardly-shaped pools. 
Automatic Pool Cleaner FAQs
Do I Still Have to Clean My Pool Manually?
Yes, you will still have to clean your pool when opening it for the season, as automatic cleaners are designed for maintenance and upkeep. Also, they don't clear the surface of the pool, so you'll still have to skim the top for leaves and dead bugs.
How Often Should I Run My Automatic Cleaner?
Since these devices use the pool's pump to work, you could have them working whenever you're not splashing around in the water. Realistically, you don't have to worry about a higher utility bill since you won't be running the pump any longer than usual.
Which is the Best Auto Pool Cleaner?
The best auto pool cleaner is the one that can clean every corner of your pool and is relatively easy to set up. For some, pressure cleaners are the best option, while others may prefer suction models for their affordability. Robotic cleaners are often better at maneuvering but can be expensive.
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