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AquaChek Nitrate/Nitrite Test Strips | 641426E

AquaChek Nitrate/Nitrite Test Strips | 641426E
Nitrate and Nitrite Test Strips
Excessive amounts of nitrate or nitrite in water can cause infant death, adult illness, and can produce spontaneous abortion in cows. Some wells contain high levels of nitrate. When water contains high nitrate levels, nitrites are often present in low concentration. Contains 25 tests.
Obtain quick, quantitative answers in the field or lab
Test strips are one of the easiest methods of testing water. Simply dip the strip in water, following the instructions and compare the color of the strip to determine the result. Use test strips when a general range is sufficient. Test strips should not be used when an exact measurement is required.
With Hach Water Quality Test Strips, technicians in the field can test many samples in only a few minutes, and make immediate evaluations on-site. No measuring, set-up, clean-up, or chemical handling are necessary. Hach test strips are also used in laboratories all over the world for pre-test screening-to detect the presence of materials that might interfere with lab testing.
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable
  • Inexpensive
How to Use Test Strips
Test strips are one of the simplest types of tests to use. Simply dip the strip into the water according to directions on the bottle or package. The test strip will change color. Then compare the color of the test strip to the chart provided in the package to determine the test result.
What is the accuracy of Hach Test Strips?
Hach Test Strips are semi-quantitative and are accurate to +/- one half of a color block. Quantab strips are accurate to +/- 10 percent. Specific accuracies vary by parameter and are denoted on the product ordering page as well as on the package itself. If you are looking for a more precise method of testing, for instance if you are reporting to the EPA, please view our other test kits.


AquaChek Nitrate/Nitrite Test Strips | 641426E

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