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Coral Seas Green to Clean® 4 lbs. CS-1065

Coral Seas Green to Clean® 4 lbs. CS-1065
Coral Seas Green to Clean® 4 lbs. CS-1065
What is Green to Clean®?
Green to Clean® is a chemical breakthrough! When used along with EPA registered chlorine, Green to Clean® dissolves mustard, green, brown or pink algae.  This fast acting product dissolves immediately in your pool.  No brushing is needed to get your pool looking crystal clean.  Green to Clean® is safe in any gunite, vinyl, plaster, or figerglass pool.  It is made right here in the USA.
GREEN TO CLEAN® is not an algaecide, herbicide or pesticide. It does not contain quaternaries (foam), copper (stain), silver or poison.
No algaecide can match the safety of GREEN TO CLEAN®. GREEN TO CLEAN® will not kill algae. However when GREEN TO CLEAN® is used with EPA registered chlorine, cleanup is achieved quickly and economically.
Product Features: 
  • NO Brushing Needed!
  • NO Metals
  • Safe for Vinyl Pools
  • Safe for Pools with Salt Generators
  • Patent Protected

Some common questions using Green to Clean® are:

How long should I run my filter after adding GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Answer: At least the first 24 hours, run your filter continuously. Shut off the skimmers and open the main drain so that the water is being pulled from the bottom of the pool. Because of varying amounts of particulate and the quality of circulation and filtration, you may find it necessary to run your system longer and to add a water clarifier. The type of filter will make a difference as to how fast the pool clears. If you backwash a sand filter too often, the sand will not act as a very fine filter for smaller particulate. Therefore, if you have recently backwashed your sand system, there is no need to backwash again before the application of GREEN TO CLEAN®. It's normally recommended that you do not backwash until you have at least a 10 lb. pressure increase over your normal reading for a
clean filter.
CIRCULATE POOL WATER with filtration continuously for 24 hours using only the main drain if possible. Repeat Step 4, adding additional EPA registered chlorine after 12 and 24 hours. When exactly do I add the EPA registered chlorine applications?
Answer: Shock the pool 12 hours after application of GREEN TO CLEAN® and a 2nd time at 24 hours after application of GREEN TO CLEAN®.
After adding GREEN TO CLEAN® and chlorine, my pool changed from cloudy green to milky blue. What do I do?
Answer: You have a filtration problem. Most likely you have a sand filter. The algae that were present before you added the chemicals have been killed; however, because of their size, they passed through your filter without being trapped. We recommend that you add a filter aid that coats the top of the sand and traps this residue. Cartridge filters sometimes require a water clarifier to increase the
effectiveness of the filter. Normally, this particulate will be trapped by the DE filter.
Water is a filter aid?
Answer: Filter aid is a generic term for a product that, when poured into your skimmer, will coat the top of the sand in your filter, allowing the filter to catch those tiny bits of dead algae that are currently passing right through and causing the cloudiness. You can use diatomaceous earth, alum or whatever your local pool store recommends as a filter aid. Start with a small amount (about 1/2 cup) and then add only enough additional to raise your pump pressure about 1-2 pounds above the present reading on the gauge.

How long do I have to stay out of my pool after treating it with GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Answer: GREEN TO CLEAN® dissolves immediately, is neither an algaecide nor an herbicide and as such has no poisons in it. However, because of the concentration of EPA registered chlorine in your water after treatment, we recommend you stay out of your pool as long as you normally do after you shock or super-chlorinate your pool. How long you wait to swim after super-chlorination is a matter of
personal choice, but we recommend waiting at least 8 hours. After the EPA registered chlorine has dissolved completely, when the pool is clear and visibility is good, you may swim at your discretion.

If I have to treat my pool again within 7-10 days, do I need to add more GREEN TO CLEAN®?
Answer: No, GREEN TO CLEAN® usually stays in your water for 7-10 days after the original treatment, depending upon contamination of pool water. So if you need to retreat your pool within that time period, you need only raise your pH to 8.0 and shock the pool with 2 lbs. of EPA registered chlorine or 1 gallon of liquid chlorine 15% per 10,000 gallons of water.
What is your guarantee?
Answer: If you follow the instructions and the product doesn't perform, go to your dealer, explain what happened and you will be advised. Also, feel free to call 800-962-2222 for additional assistance. This product is guaranteed to perform when the simple instructions are followed. However, neither Coral Seas nor the seller makes any guarantee, expressed or implied, concerning this product when used in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Neither shall be held responsible for any personal injury, property damages or other types of loss resulting from mishandling, improper storage or improper use of this material.


Coral Seas Green to Clean® 4 lbs. CS-1065

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