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Del Ozone Spa High Output 110V UR/CUR | MCD-50RPOZM

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Del Ozone Spa High Output 110V UR/CUR | MCD-50RPOZM
*NOTE: This model is no longer available, as the replacement ozone cell is no longer available. It is recommended to upgrade the MCD-50 CD ozone generator with a Next-Generation SpaEclipse Model
Here are the most common cord configurations
DEL’s high-output MCD-50 has the longest lifespan of any spa ozone generator on the market, typically running for five years. The MCD-50 high output ozonator uses innovative corona discharge electrode technology to produce high ozone concentration levels.  It is exceptionally durable while it increases water quality and purity far above previous technologies. The MCD-50 is suitable for hot tubs up to 1000 gallons.
Prevent Green Spa Water with an Ozone Maintenance Program

The usual cause of algae in spas is insufficient sanitizer. The sanitation routine recommended by DEL Ozone will prevent algae blooms.

  • Install and maintain a spa ozonator properly sized for your hot tub. We recommend running the pump at least six hours per day to ensure the water is circulated through the ozonator. If you use the spa heavily, run the pump more often. Older spas with continuous circulation pumps spend more energy, but they yield high levels of sanitation.
  • Maintain a background residual of about 0.5 to 1.0 ppm chlorine, again depending on the bather load. Maintaining some free available chlorine in the spa water will ensure that algae cannot get started in the nooks and crannies.
  • Test the water regularly to maintain the proper pH (7.2- 7.6) and total alkalinity balance (60 to 180 ppm) to help the residual chemicals work most effectively.

It is important to note that the ozonator cannot stop an algae bloom once it gets started. Algae attached to the spa walls will not encounter enough ozone to destroy it. Ozone does kill algae, but the ozone injected into your spa dissipates very rapidly in encounters with other contaminants, and it decomposes rapidly into ordinary oxygen. Therefore, if algae get a foothold, you have to go to a chemical attack.

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Del Ozone Spa High Output 110V UR/CUR | MCD-50RPOZM

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