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Home Del Ozone Spa Ozonator Renewal Kit for MCD-50 | 9-0743-01

Del Ozone Spa Ozonator Renewal Kit for MCD-50 | 9-0743-01

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Del Ozone Spa Ozonator Renewal Kit for MCD-50 | 9-0743-01
*NOTE: Renewal kit is no longer available, as the replacement ozone cell is no longer available. It is recommended to upgrade the MCD-50 CD ozone generator with a Next-Generation SpaEclipse Model
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Del Ozone Spa Ozonator Renewal Kit will keep your spa water at its freshest by installing a renewal kit in your MCD-50 CD ozone generator every 3-5 years. Extending the life of the ozone generator, this kit is easy to install and will help you further reduce your environmental impact.

Most hot tubs are built with a spa ozonator for a good reason: ozone spa sanitizers are the most cost effective natural method to maintain the fresh, clear hot tub water you want.

The benefits of an ozone spa sanitizer are many:

  • Natural ozone is a form of oxygen and is the most powerful spa sanitizer available.
  • Automatic sanitation makes maintaining “feel good” hot tub water simpler.
  • Ozone reduces the need for harsh chemicals (such as chlorine and bromine) by 60 – 90%.
  • Ozone kills up to 99.99% of dangerous microbial agents like bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Ozone oxidizes the widest range of organic materials, including all human fluids, of any spa sanitizer.
  • The only byproduct of ozone is ordinary oxygen – and oxygen actually contributes to the sparkling clarity of hot tub water.

When ozone from DEL Ozone Corona Discharge (CD) ozonators gets fully dissolved in the hot tub water it has no adverse effects on humans. It does, however, kill bacteria or viruses living in the water.

Ozone spa sanitizers protect humans from the rashes and diseases that can result from inadequately treated water. And they help to deliver the pure, clear water that is essential for a satisfying hot tub experience.

It is true that excessive amounts of ambient ozone in air can irritate nose and lung linings. Ozone is a component of air pollution because it interacts with nitrogen compounds that result from burning fossil fuels which results in smog. The ozone from your spa ozonator that is dissolved into the hot tub water through an injector valve does not contribute to either of these problems.  In fact, ozone solves most spa water problems!

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Del Ozone Spa Ozonator Renewal Kit for MCD-50 | 9-0743-01

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