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Home Tahoe 16' Round Resin 54" Sub-Assy for CaliMar® Above Ground Pools | 5-4916-137-54

Tahoe 16' Round Resin 54" Sub-Assy for CaliMar® Above Ground Pools | 5-4916-137-54

Tahoe 16' Round Resin 54" Sub-Assy for CaliMar® Above Ground Pools | 5-4916-137-54
Tahoe model above ground pool by CaliMar® is the perfect vacation destination for any backyard. The uniquely long lasting pools instill an air of confidence, induce tranquility and create harmony to virtually any backyard setting. The 54" wall height will allow for approximately 48" for swimming and playing.
  • True 8" Resin Top Rails
  • 7" Uprights
  • 100% Resin Components
  • Bottom Rails Have Lifetime Warranty
  • 8 Year Full + 22 Year Pro-Rated Warranty
The Tahoe pool uses a shared common core principals of design an architecture like strength, quality and longevity across all CaliMar® branded pool.
Strength - Made from the high grade materials allowing each of the pool components to be stronger than industry standards.
Quality - Strength of the high grade materials combined with precision engineering results in the perfect designed pool for years to come.
Longevity - Built to last from the ground up. The strength and quality of each pool component allows Tahoe pools to come with the industry's longest warranty of 8 year full 100% coverage.
These are the resin hybrid above ground pools and are best described as bigger, better, stronger, longer lasting above ground pools... Why?
Because they are manufactured by Hollowell Industries Inc. (H.I.I.) who is also the manufacture of all Doughboy above ground pools. Because the Tahoe above ground pools are made by the same manufacture as Doughboy pools, these pools have bigger true 8" top rails made with 100% better resin materials, making this pool stronger and is assured to last longer with its un-matched 8 year full 100% warranty coverage plus an additional 22 year pro-rated warranty.
Made with the exact materials and same exacting standards as the Doughboy pools are known for. We've taken the best of the best of what we know; met with H.I.I. to architect and design a series of above ground pools the break the mold and set new standards in the swimming pool industry.
CaliMar® Pool Components
Top Rails
These pools are stronger empty than other above ground pools are when they're full. The top rails are a true 8" across measuring from edge to edge. Other manufacturers claim to be 8" wide though they are actually measuring around the circumference of the top rail, thus allowing it to measure wider than actually is. If the Tahoe top rails were measured using the same method, they would be over 12" wide.
Bottom Rails
Engineered with true-fold design and thicker premium steel with a high end coating all Tahoe above ground pools have a 100% lifetime warranty.
Component Connection Points
All connection points on are precision punched holes, so there is only one precise way the pool can be assembled, making assembly quicker and easier. Other above ground pools have "oval" shaped holes which allow too much variance causing imperfect fit and weakens the strength of the pool. Additionally, as the screws start to wear and strain under the use of the pool, the oval holes tend to round out making the pool unsecure. Precision drilled holes are just as exact year after year.
Precision engineering is a hallmark of these above ground pools.
Made from heavier copper bearing steel than industry standards making them 30-60 lbs heavier than other manufacturer models pools. Zinc clad hot-dipped galvanized steel walls receive several protective coatings and a specifically designed epoxy coating providing the best defense against corrosion and condensation. These wall have the industry's thickest corrugation offers the greatest strength and flexibility.
Layers of wall protection:
Vertical Uprights
Tahoe's steel thickness is 25% ticker than the competition providing extra stability and strength to the pool wall.
Pool Size Pool
52" Walls
54" Walls
Yards of
Number of
Number of
Top Rails
16' Round 5,068 5,260 1.5 11 10
Gallons and yards of sand needed under the liner are approximates.

Brand: Doughboy

Tahoe 16' Round Resin 54" Sub-Assy for CaliMar® Above Ground Pools | 5-4916-137-54

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