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Home Pool Pool & Spa Filters FilterBalls Filtration Media FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029

FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029

FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029
FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029
FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029
FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029
FilterBalls are a lightweight high performance filtration media, engineered to replace sand in your residential pool, industrial, or commercial sand type filter systems. No more aggravation and mess, just a one cubic foot bag of FilterBalls media replaces and outperforms 100 pounds of sand. Most residential filters require less than 5 pounds of FilterBalls! What's more? You can use less power to run your filter, saving big money on your electric bill.
FilterBalls Blu
The go-to filter for pool applications. At 15 microns, FilterBalls Blu is superior when compared to sand media with just 20-35 micron filtration. By using Blu, organic material such as pollens can now be removed and improve your water quality for crystal clear results.
Pool & Spa Water Filtration
  • Superior water clarification
  • Rated to 15 microns at 95% removal during first pass. Better than sand!
  • Use your existing sand filter housing
  • Tested and Certified in the U.S. and Canada: NSF/ANSI 42, 50,61 372
  • 100x lighter than sand filter media
  • One lightweight bag of FilterBalls replaces two 50 lb bags of sand
  • Eliminate hauling and disposal of hundreds of pounds of sand
Saves Money
  • FilterBalls cost less than premium filter sands
  • Save 33% to 70% on your energy bill
  • Save on shipping
  • Save time and effort on service, less mess
  • Gain increased pump flow which leads to less run time. Save electricity!
Improves Operations
  • Back-washable and long lasting
  • Much lower system pressure required
  • Longer pump life
Better for the Environment
  • 100% recyclable and green!
  • Recycle your FilterBalls every three to five years
  • Reduction in operating pressure, means less energyusage
Unprecedented Performance vs. Other Media
Characteristics Filterballs Sand Zeolite Mystic White
Weight/ft3 Dry 1 lb 100 lbs 50 lbs 105 lbs
Weight/ft3 Wet 1.1. lbs 150-175 lbs 80 lbs 150-175 lbs
Flux Rate/ft2 Media 7-30 gpm 3-10 gpm 12-20 gpm 3-10 lbs
Micron Removal 95% 15 microns 35 microns 5-20 microns 30 microns
Initial Differential Pressure <1.0 Psid 7-15 Psid 10-15 Psid 7-15 Psid
FilterBalls are made in the USA, are fully recyclable, and certified to NSF/ANSI 50 for use in commercial and public pools and the NSF/ANSI certifications 42, 61 and 372 for drinking water health and safety.


FilterBalls Blu Filtration Media | 15 Microns | 603658128029

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