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Home Innovative Concrete Stone Show H2O Enhancer & Protector Sealer | 1 Gallon | 170-1G

Innovative Concrete Stone Show H2O Enhancer & Protector Sealer | 1 Gallon | 170-1G

ICT Stone Show H2O Enhancer is a clear drying water-repellent with immaculate color enhancing properties. Stone Show H2O Enhancer has been specially formulated to be the ideal option for natural stones that must allow moisture to escape without allowing moisture the reenter through the non-filmforming barrier created by the proper installation of Stone Show H2O Enhancer. By disallowing the penetration of moisture, Stone Show H2O Enhancer will also help against other complications cause by the presence of water such as efflorescence, staining, spalling, and some cracking. Stone Show H2O Enhancer does not create a film over the surface and will not make the surface any more slippery than before application of Stone Show H2O Enhancer once excess has been removed. Stone Show H2O Enhancer will keep surfaces beautiful and protected. Longevity, which is typically around 12-24 months, will be determined by the amount of Stone Show H2O Enhancer that is absorbed into the substrate.
Features & Benefits
  • Color enhancement
  • Stain resistance
  • Low V.O.C.
  • Efflorescence resistance
  • Breathable
  • One- way water repellent
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inhibits bio growth
  • Penetrating
  • Non film forming
ICT Stone Show H2O Enhancer is a breathable, water-based, penetrating, water repellent designed to be used on natural stones, concrete, and other properly prepared masonry surfaces. While providing a unique and beautiful enhancement to the existing color(s) of the substrate, Stone Show H2O also acts as a protective shield against staining, simplifies maintenance & cleaning, and disallows deterioration of the substrate caused by water presence & contaminates carried by water. If color enhancement is not desire, use Stone Show H2O Invisible (171) instead.
Coverage rates will vary depending on substrate, textures, porosity, and application methods.
  • Porous, Textured Surfaces - 75-125 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Semi-Porous Surfaces - 100-200 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Dense, Smooth Surfaces - 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon
Clean up & Storage
ICT Stone Show H2O Enhancer cleans up easily with soap and water. Once material is dry material cannot be removed. Product should be stored in a cool dry environment. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Keep from freezing.


Innovative Concrete Stone Show H2O Enhancer & Protector Sealer | 1 Gallon | 170-1G

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