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Leisure Time Renew Granular Non-Chlorine Shock | 2.2 lbs | RENU2

Leisure Time Renew Granular Non-Chlorine Shock | 2.2 lbs | RENU2
Renew™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer 2.2 lbs

Renew™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer is a fast-dissolving granular that rids spa water of residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials that can build up in spa water.

When Renew™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer is added to the spa water, it reacts with the bromide and forms a bromine solution to destroy any microorganisms left behind by the bather. Part of the Reserve & Renew™ Chlorine-Free Sanitizing System.
The Reserve & Renew® sanitizing system eliminates the need for a floater, a brominator or the handling of dry chlorine. Leisure Time® Reserve is a bromide salt that remains neutral in the spa water until Leisure Time® Renew® granular is added. The two products react with each other to form active bromine. With proper maintenance and the regular addition of Leisure Time® Renew® granular this system is virtually maintenance-free.

Add 4 ounces of Reserve for every 250 gallons of water. Wait 10 minutes and then add 4 ounces of Leisure Time® Renew® granular for every 250 gallons of water to create a bromine residual and shock-oxidize your water in one easy step

Next, test the water again with Leisure Time® Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips to ensure the spa’s pH and alkalinity levels are within proper ranges. Remember an ideal pH level is between 7.2 – 7.8. The ideal total alkalinity is between 80 – 120 ppm. The proper calcium level is between 150 – 400 ppm and the sanitizer reading should be between 1 – 3 ppm.

Once the water is balanced, the last step is to shock-oxidize your spa water. During normal spa use, body oils, lotions and other organic contaminants can enter the water. When these build up, the water can become cloudy. To destroy these impurities, it is critical to shockoxidize your spa water. This can be accomplished by using Leisure Time® Renew® granular or Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs. Be sure to shock-oxidize your water on a routine basis, preferably after each use. To shock-oxidize the water, keep the pump running and add Leisure Time® Renew® granular or Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs according to the directions on the label.

Your spa is now ready to enjoy as often as you’d like. Just remember to shock-oxidize your spa with Leisure Time® Renew® granular or Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs after every use to keep the water clean, clear and inviting.

  • Quickly dissolves in water to rid spa water of oils and residue.
  • Eliminates organic materials that cause odors, skin and eye irritation.
  • Use spa minutes after application.
  • pH buffered so it does not effect pH level.
  • Buffer potassium monopersulfate compound
  • Formulated with DuPont™ Oxone®
  • Allows for use immediately after application

By adding Renew™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer after spa use, the bather is not exposed to any sanitizer while in the water.


Leisure Time Renew Granular Non-Chlorine Shock | 2.2 lbs | RENU2

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