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Home Pentair Intellicom II Interface Adapter | 521109

Pentair Intellicom II Interface Adapter | 521109

Pentair Intellicom II Interface Adapter | 521109
Pentair Intellicom II Interface Adapter | 521109
The new IntelliComm® II Interface Adapter provides automatic control of "IntelliFlo" and IntelliFlo® variable speed and flow pumps with Pentair's Compool® systems as well as Jandy and Hayward automation controllers.

Easy installation-low voltage protocol adapter works with Compool and other control systems and draws power from the existing RS-485 communication line
Allows control of four individual speeds or flows controlled by the Automation control system
Can also be used to further expand the number of IntelliFlo pumps being controlled by EasyTouch® (current limit is 2) and IntelliTouch® (current limit is 8) automation control systems
Compact and affordable
Dimensions - 6" x 3" x 3"

Integrating Intelliflo, Intellicom II, and Jandy Remote Control Systems
The most popular variable speed pump on the market today is the Pentair Intelliflo pump. This pump is available in three varieties with the VS-3050 being the best value. The bad news is the VS-3050 cannot be controlled from older Jandy remote systems. The good news is Pentair has introduced the Intellicom ll Interface Adaptor. This nifty little piece of electronics will give you access to all four available speeds on the Pentair Intelliflo pump.

Most installers (including Pentair tech support) will advise that one auxiliary port on the Jandy circuit board is required for each speed on the VS-3050. A simpler (and smarter) way to utilize the Intellicom ll is folowing the steps outlined below. Step one through four involves programming the speeds of the VS-3050. This is done after installing the pump but before installing the Intellicom ll. The filter pressures are to be used as a general guide and not the absolute rule. If you have a Pentair FNS60 Filter, Pentair Heater, and dedicated line for a suction cleaner, you can expect similiar filter pressures and results:

Set speed one on the pump to operate the suction pool cleaner (6-8 pounds filter pressure)
Set speed two at a very low speed (2 pounds filter pressure)
Set speed three at a slightly higher speed than speed two (4 pounds filter pressure)
Set speed four at a very high speed for spa jets (12-15 pounds filter pressure)

Once you have the speeds set on your pump, you are ready to complete the installation of your Intellicom ll. Assuming you have power from the Jandy circuit board to the RS-485 terminal of the Intellicom board, you are ready to connect the auxiliary cables in the following positions:

Connect PRGM 1 from Intellicom to the Filter Pump port on the Jandy board
Connect PRGM 2 from Intelicom to Aux 2 of Jandy board. Turn on dip switch 2 to "on" Jandy Board to set Aux 2 to low speed
Connect PRGM 3 from Intellicom to Electric Heater output on top of Jandy board near actuator outputs. This will automatically ramp up the pump slightly when heater is activated
Connect PRGM 4 from Intellicom to "spare aux" located on the back of the Jandy ciruit board. Next set dip switch 6 to "on". High speed will be activated when spa is turned on.

Use a Relay Splice Adapter to continue using the circulation pump relay to provide power to a salt generator, heater, or any other device which should only be powered while the circulation pump is operating.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have on this installation process. Enjoy your new energy efficient pump!

Brand: Pentair

Pentair Intellicom II Interface Adapter | 521109

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