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Pentair Bioshield CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer | 200W 120/230V 6' Cord | 522935

Pentair Bioshield CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer | 200W 120/230V 6' Cord | 522935
Pentair Bioshield CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer | 200W 120/230V 6' Cord | 522935
Bioshield CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer
Establishing a bio-secure swimming facility begins at the pool design stage. Low pressure UV systems are a proven solution to harmful waterborne pathogen problems and irritating chloramines. Pentair BioShield commercial UV systems provide instant protection against cryptosporidium, giardia and remove chloramines. Vertical standing with flanged base, single-end top-loading lamp and quartz sleeve minimize floor space and maximize serviceability.
  • Instant protection against cryptosporidium and other harmful waterborne pathogens
  • Significantly reduces chemical odors within enclosed pool area
  • Conserve Free-Chlorine by as much as 30% compared to medium pressure UV systems
  • Enhanced, state-of-the-art electronic ballast, sized precisely to the lamp's power requirement, ensures optimal UV-C output and maximum "useful lamp life"
  • Small footprint: vertical operation reduces required horizontal space, unit can be installed horizontally if necessary
  • Cost-effective Schedule 80 solvent welded PVC plastic vessels stand up to corrosive chlorine environments
  • High quality American made low-pressure, amalgam UV lamps offer up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Low temperature lamps conserve energy and negate the need for quartz sleeve wiper systems
  • Choice of input / output piping connections
  • UV vessel water temperature sensor / alarm – protects vessel from temperatures exceeding 120°F
Bioshield Specifications
Particles suspended in water will absorb or reflect UV, even if the water looks "clear". UVT is the measure of how much UV-C light transmittance (at 254nm) in water. Pentair has selected 90% UVT as a reasonably conservative value in our sizing charts. Other manufacturers may use a higher UVT% which will greatly overrate their flow capacity compared to that at 90% UVT. The best way to know your UVT is to measure it. Target dose depends on the intended purpose of the UV reactor. While this can be complicated, the following rules-of-thumb are often used at minimum:
UV Dose Commercial Application
  • 40 mJ/cm2 Inactivation of Cryptosporidium and other chlorine tolerant pathogens
  • 60 mJ/cm2 Additional breakdown of Chloramines for greatly improved air and water quality
  • 5 Lamps, 130 watts
  • 200 watts UV-C spectrum output
  • Maximum flow rate at 90% UVT 40 mJ/cm2 (GPM): 272
  • Maximum flow rate at 90% UVT 60 mJ/cm2 (GPM): 181
  • Port size: 6"
  • Amps max load @ 120 / 230 VAC
  • Maximum PSI: 50
  • 6-foot power cord and 20-foot lamp cables
The Proven Solution
Safe and healthy swimming is a matter of clean water and air conditions. Whether you swim in a residential or public pool, poorly maintained water chemistry and air quality can make you sick.
UV has proven to be the solution for dangerous RWI's (Recreational Water Illnesses) and Chloramines (Chemical Irritants). UV Treatment is as natural as sunlight. More specifically, UV-C light is a natural component of the electromagnetic radiation that the Sun emits. Much of the Sun's radiation is absorbed by ozone in the earth's upper atmosphere, but some UV-C light passes through and acts as a natural disinfectant. UV-C light inactivates exposed microorganisms, including those found in surface waters.
UV systems operate the same way. Inside a UV system, UV lamps emit UV-C light (wavelength range 240-280 nm). Waterborne pathogens in the water circulating through the UV vessel are exposed to the UV-C light for a determined amount of time and become inactivated.
Money Saving Facts:
Conserve Free-Chlorine
MP UV lamps decay Free-Chlorine which increases operational cost. LP UV lamps are proven to conserve Free-Chlorine by as much as 30%, saving you money.
Low Heat Output
LP Amalgam lamps operate at 180°F, MP lamps at 1,600°F. The extreme heat generated by MP UV lamps intensifies the problem of quartz sleeve fouling and creates the need for expensive and problematic quartz sleeve wiping systems. This ultimately complicates equipment maintenance. BioShield amalgam UV lamps operate at a fraction of that heat output and do not require the addition of a quartz sleeve wiping system.
Longest Lamp-Life
LP UV lamp life of 12,000 hours, outlast MP lamps by as much as 3 times. Even with the need for additional lamps compared to MP, the high cost and short life of MP make LP UV up to 3 times less costly to maintain.

Brand: Pentair

Pentair Bioshield CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer | 200W 120/230V 6' Cord | 522935

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