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Home Pentair ICHLOR Salt Chlorine Generator | 30,000 Gallons | 523081

Pentair ICHLOR Salt Chlorine Generator | 30,000 Gallons | 523081

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Pentair ICHLOR Salt Chlorine Generator | 30,000 Gallons | 523081
Smart Technology for Healthier, Pure pool Water Ordinary Table Salt. Extraordinary Technology
The chemistry behind the iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator makes it so simple to use—just add salt to generate all the chlorine your pool needs. Our smart technology provides built-in intelligence for unmatched convenience and control:
  • Easy-to-view touchpad controls enable fast checking of salt levels, chlorine output and cell life
  • With nearly hands-free precision, iChlor makes it easy to set and adjust chlorine levels, reducing the need for repeated testing and upkeep
  • Software detects IntelliFlo® pump activity, preventing the generation of chlorine while the pump is not activated
Unmatched Convenience
 Keep pool water sparkling clean with electrolytic chlorine generation the easiest, most effective and convenient way to maintain your pool. You get the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without all the drawbacks.
  • No more buying, carrying, storing or handling chlorine
  • No more spills, odor, stinging eyes or irritated skin
  • No more bleached-dout bathing suits
Effortless Chlorination
Simply adjust the control to achieve the precise level of chlorine. iChlor does the rest, automatically producing a steady stream of pure chlorine to help keep your pool water clean, clear and free of bacteria and other contaminants. What could be easier?
Once the chlorine has finished purifying the pool of contaminants, it reverts back into dissolved salt and the cycle repeats. 
Easy Setup - Adjust your sanitizing level in 1% intervals up to 100%. Push the button, and you’re done.
Longer Cell Life - Automatic reverse cycling helps prevent scale buildup. And, unlike its competitors, iChlor’s electronics are isolated in the cell, away from the high-heat components, for longer cell life.
Two Model Sizes - Choose from two sizes to meet your pool chlorination needs. Sizing is based on pool capacity in gallons:
Available Models
  • iChlor15 0.6 (for pools up to 15,000 gallons)
  • iChlor30 1.0 (for pools up to 30,000 gallons)
Fact Center
  • Indoor/outdoor, vertical/horizontal installation
  • 115/230V 50/60Hz power center

Brand: Pentair

Pentair ICHLOR Salt Chlorine Generator | 30,000 Gallons | 523081

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