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Home Powerclean Salt Ultra 760 Chlorine Generator | For Up To 60,000 Gallons | 52000-260-000
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Powerclean Salt Ultra 760 Chlorine Generator | For Up To 60,000 Gallons | 52000-260-000

This item has been discontinued.
Powerclean Salt Ultra 760 Chlorine Generator | For Up To 60,000 Gallons | 52000-260-000
Powerclean Salt Ultra 760 Chlorine Generator | For Up To 60,000 Gallons | 52000-260-000
Commercial Grade Chlorine For a Backyard Pool
The Powerclean Salt Ultra system is NSF Certified as an effective chlorine generator. Our premier design includes special features that enhance the system installation and operation.
The "Breeze" was the premier unit available from SGS. Now it's called the "Ultra," and there is even more that makes this unit special.
  • System for pools up to 60,000 gallons
  • Produce almost 2lbs of chlorine per day max
  • NEW 15,000 Hour Extended Life Plate options
  • Four output levels plus Chlorine Boost
  • Auto shut-off for low salt, low temp or low flow
  • NSF Certified to UL-1081 and NSF/ANSI-50
Upgraded Salt Cell Design
The chlorine generating cell has been "beefed up" to create a stronger body. The improved design is over 20% stronger in testing, and resistant to bending or cracking during installation.
The more heavy duty design also has a new strong "bridge" piece between the two ports to secure them in place.
Improved User Experience
New handles have been added to the cap, making it easier to turn and remove for quick and easy cleaning.
The cleaning tool has also been improved, now made out of durable, molded plastic (instead of wood). This tool will last longer in the elements.
New Plumbing Unions
Unions are now integrated into the redesigned body. This makes the unit easier to install and remove as needed.
Commercial Quality Control
This control center is NSF Certified. Get a commercial grade control for a backyard pool.
Your Friendly, Backyard Chlorine Generator
This is the future of salt chlorine generation. Powerclean Salt systems are designed to be durable, affordable and serviceable.
Salt systems have been around for years, but nothing like this. It’s time for a chlorine generator that pool professionals and homeowners will all love to use.
  • Produce pure chlorine without tablets or shock
  • Salt chlorination leaves the water feeling smooth and soft
  • CMP innovative products take the guess-work out of maintenance
Clean, Clear & Safe: Designing a Complete Model Pool™
  • Advanced Sanitizers are Powerful
    Advanced Sanitizers are excellent for destroying or inactivating dangerous contaminants that can be present in any backyard pool. They are effective on microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Chlorine can also be slow to work, and it's effectiveness is lowered by the presence of chloramines and unbalanced pool water. Advanced Sanitizers break down chloramines and work in a wide pH range.

  • The Importance of a Residual
    Chlorine has a long history of use in pool sanitization, and it has one great trick. It is excellent for maintaining an active residual in the water itself. That means the moment a contaminant enters the water chlorine gets to work. Chlorine is also just as effective when the pump is off, as long as a proper residual level is maintained in the water.

  • The Complete Modern Pool™
    The goal when designing a sanitizing system for a backyard pool is to create the best possible installation. Every tool has strengths and weaknesses-the key is to choose components that work together to achieve the best result!
Sanitizer System
The Complete
Modern Pool™
Destroy or Inactivates
Chlorine Resistant Organisms
Residual Sanitation in Pool  
High Oxidation Potential*  
Continue Sanitizing When
the Pimp is Off
Quickly Breaks Down

Brand: Powerclean

Powerclean Salt Ultra 760 Chlorine Generator | For Up To 60,000 Gallons | 52000-260-000

This item has been discontinued.
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