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Home Pool Swimming Pool & Deck Paint Ramuc Rubber-Based Pool Paints Ramuc Type A Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint | 1-Gallon | White | 902131101

Ramuc Type A Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint | 1-Gallon | White | 902131101

Ramuc Type A Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint | 1-Gallon | White | 902131101
Type A Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint
Ramuc Type A Premium Chlorinated Rubber has been used in the industry for decades restoring and protecting plaster and concrete pool surfaces. It is an excellent choice for recoating previously painted chlorinated rubber surfaces and is formulated to provide excellent hiding and superior coverage rates compared to other chlorinated rubber paints. Chlorinated rubber is not for use on spas, whirlpools or indoor pools, unless previously painted with a chlorinated rubber.
Ramuc Type A has a VOC of 590 gpl, and may not be compliant in certain areas of the country. For compatibility purposes, the existing paint on a previously painted surface should be determined before painting. If the existing surface is unknown, paint chips can be taken to any Ramuc distributor/dealer to be forwarded to the Ramuc laboratory for analysis. Aged plaster should be checked for integrity. Check for hollow or weak/crumbling plaster by using a ball-peen hammer or any other comparable method. Perform repairs to the plaster before painting.
  • Superior coverage rate compared to other rubber based paints
  • High gloss finish allows for easy cleaning
  • Easy to apply by roller or airless spray
  • Self-priming
  • Two-coat system
  • Use SKID-TEX additive to achieve a non-slip surface
  • Best choice for painting murals and/or accents
  • Coverage: 200-300 sq ft per gal on bare surfaces; 350-400 sq ft per gal on recoats
  • Must be applied to dry surfaces
  • Not for use on spas or fiberglass/gelcoat pools
  • Application: roller/brush/spray
  • Fill time: 5 days outdoors, 10-14 days indoors
  • Clean up: Ramuc thinner or Xylene
  • For use in NON-VOC restricted areas of the U.S.
  • Accent colors are not recommended for full surface application
Pool Surface
Dawn Blue
Dark Blue
Royal Blue

Brand: RAMUC

Ramuc Type A Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint | 1-Gallon | White | 902131101

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