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Home SimPoolTec Skimmer Plug | Widemouth | NW4113

SimPoolTec Skimmer Plug | Widemouth | NW4113

SimPoolTec Skimmer Plug | Widemouth | NW4113
SimPoolTec Skimmer Plug | Widemouth | NW4113
The Skimmer Plug is the easy skimmer closer system for any pool!  
The Skimmer Plug offers a simple yet revolutionary method for servicing and winterizing above ground and in ground pool skimmers. The Skimmer Plug is superior to any other skimmer closure or winterizing device on the market, being more affordable, as well as much easier to use. The Skimmer Plug not only fits all OEM skimmers without the need to replace the original skimmer faceplate, it also serves as a replacement lid for all specialty faceplates. With no installation or tools required, the Skimmer Plug securely fits into the skimmer opening using our exclusive Rovaseal thermo insulated layer to plug off and "grip" the faceplate, creating a 100% air-tight seal. Ice is also no match for the Skimmer Plug’s rigid outer plate, providing a durable and secure layer of protection through the winter.  
The Skimmer Plug has been tested for three full seasons. 
Tested on a Hayward faceplate and the other a SkimSaver Lid'L Seal faceplate. We also used several test tanks for standard aboveground faceplates and allowed some of the tanks to freeze solid. Each test was for 120 days and all the skimmers where dry with no leaks or failure. This test with the water over the skimmer faceplate was done to show that the plug is water tight under extreme pressure, read below about keeping the water at the proper level. 
Skimmer Plug uses a proprietary foam that blocks water for use in aquatic environments
Rovaseal is a high density foam. Characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water, it can be thermo-formed or compression molded into any shape. RovaSeal has many of the same properties as neoprene rubber. Contact us today to learn more about our pool products.
RovaSeal Benefits:
  • Closed cell skimmer plug is freeze and shatter proof
  • Cost effective
  • Fabricate to any shape or size skimmer
  • Non-dusting
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Superb strength, and tear resistance
  • High shock absorption
  • Super flexibility Impervious to mildew, mold, bacteria, superior chemical & oil resistance


Brand: Blue Wave

SimPoolTec Skimmer Plug | Widemouth | NW4113

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