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Home Pool Safety Equipment Safety Fence Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200

Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200

This item is currently out of stock.
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200
Help prevent pool area intrusion with the DIY pool safety fence by Water Warden. Manufactured by SmartPool the Water Warden brand of fencing is just another thoughtful innovative and safe product brought to you by one of the industry’s most ingenuitive companies. Water Warden’s constructed with high tinsel aluminum poles and the industry’s strongest UV protected Meshylene fabric. The pool safety fence fits perfectly into any backyard landscape and is the pool entry deterrent of choice for pool owners. The fence sections come in fully adjustable 12' sections, so whether your pool is rectangular or free-form you get the perfect fit for you pool every time, any time. Available in four foot and five foot tall sections.
This see-thru safety fence does not block the view or inhibit keeping a watchful eye of what’s happening in the pool area. The black see thru Meshylene panels have a reinforced edging, to prevent any fraying of the material. The maximum UV inhibitors in the Meshylene make the Water Warden Pool Safety Fence suitable for all climates.
The fence support poles are secured into the deck with a stainless steel .5" pin which is the standard for providing a measure of safety against unauthorized access to the pool. While sturdy and extremely safe when in use, The Water Warden Pool Safety fence can quickly be removed for family events, celebrations and parties.
The Water Warden™ Safety Pool fence is manufactured with the strongest and most superior materials available. The reinforced fencing system exceeds ASTM standards for strength as well as for safety. It will last for years when properly cared for. The sturdy poles and hardware are all non-rusting. The Meshylene fencing material is UV stabilized for protection from the sun. Additionally, every Water Warden™ Safety Pool fence comes with a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.
Putting the fence sections together is a snap with the spring-loaded safety latch system which quickly and easily joins fence sections together. It is simple for adults to use, but remains difficult for children to manipulate, safeguarding against unauthorized pool access. Perfect for everyday pool use, it provides a tremendous level of safety to protect your children and pets from pool access, but it is incredibly easy and convenient for adults to use. Any number of sections can be quickly removed for cleaning or maintaining the pool. The optional self-closing rigid pool gates available from Water Warden™ makes it even easier to get to and protect your pool.
Simple Installation
Fence sections install in minutes, using small, inconspicuous holes in your pool deck. Unlike other pool fences which require the drilling of large holes with heavy professional core drilling equipment, The Water Warden Safety Pool fence only requires drilling of small, 5/8" holes for the do-it-yourselfer or professional installer. A standard hammer drill with proper size drill bit is all that’s required to do the job, no specialized core drill needs to be used.
Durable, non-metallic "feet" remain in the deck for convenient removal and reinstallation of the pool fence. The installation kit includes attractive “plug” caps to fill the “feet” when the fence is removed. Because the fence is made of high strength mesh the fence can bell rolled up and stored once removed from the pool deck.
What tools are needed for installation?
  • Rotary hammer drill
  • .625” SDS masonry drill bit
    • (If using a drilling guide, a .625” x 18” masonry drill bit is needed)
  • .25” Phillips head bit
  • Extension cord (for drill if necessary)
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalke line or chalk
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • Square and level or the drilling guide
  • Utility knife or box cutter
  • PVC glue
Self-Closing Gate
Also available is a self-closing gate providing another unmatched level of safety and convenience for access and egress of the pool area. This optional package includes a rigid, automatic closing safety gate with the ultra-safe, Magna-Latch® lock with nonrusting, self-closing hinges. Both the Magna-Latch® and the hinges have a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Just like he fence the gate system is also just as easily removable when needed.
Water Warden pool safety fence, it’s security you shouldn’t live without.
Safety Reminders:
There is no substitute for competent adult supervision around a swimming pool. The Water Warden™ safety fence is not designed to be a substitute for adult supervision, nor is it a guarantee against access to the pool.
  • Any pool safety product is only effective as a level of protection against unauthorized pool access if used correctly.
  • The Water Warden™ safety fence must isolate the pool from all exits of the home.
  • All sides of the pool should be surrounded by the safety pool fene, or by another permanent obstruction, such as a concrete wall, iron fence, brick wall etc.
  • If the safety pool fence is not being used as a complete structure, and it will adjoin some sort of permanent structure, you must ensure that the permanent structure is solid and sturdy. Also make sure that a child cannot climb over, under or through the permanent structure.
  • Make sure not to install safety pool fence near another structure that a child can climb on (such as raised walls, seating or decorative objects.)
  • Check local building codes before installation to be sure you are in compliance with fencing laws.
How To Measure Your Pool
All measurements should be taken a minimum of 18” from pool edge. In order to get the most accurate representation of the actual layout of your fence, a roll of cotton, non-stretch cord should be used to take your measurements.
  • Begin at any designated spot, anchoring one end of the cord to your pool deck with adhesive tape. Proceed to walk around your pool, laying the cord down parallel to the pool as you go.
  • Ensure that the cord does not roll, or otherwise move from an even position. In general, it is advisable to stay true to the shape of your pool.
  • When positioning the cord around tight curves, it is preferable to outline your curve with several straight sections, since the fence is only adjustable in increments of 36”.
  • When you have returned to your starting point, cut the cord and measure the cut length. This is the total number of fencing feet you require.


Water Warden Safety Pool Fence | 4' X 12' Section | Black | WWF200

This item is currently out of stock.
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