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Home Waterco Micron SMD750 30" Commercial Side Mount Deep Bed Sand Filter | 8" Neck 2" Port | 22507504501NA

Waterco Micron SMD750 30" Commercial Side Mount Deep Bed Sand Filter | 8" Neck 2" Port | 22507504501NA

Waterco Micron SMD750 30" Commercial Side Mount Deep Bed Sand Filter | 8" Neck 2" Port | 22507504501NA
Waterco Micron SMD750 30" Commercial Side Mount Deep Bed Sand Filter | 8" Neck 2" Port | 22507504501NA
The effect of deep media bed improves the filtration efficiency over standard High-rate filters by providing enhanced in-depth filtration and increased dirt capacity. In addition, the greater bed depth permits efficient use of mixed bed filter media and water treatment media such as granular activated carbon. The filter's 1000mm (39") media bed ensures that finer dirt particles and colloidal substances are retained to a far greater level than a filter with a shallower bed depth.
  • Fiberglass wound tank, UV and corrosion resistant
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals to maximize water flow and filtration
  • Optional six position Multi-port valve with sight glass and quick connect half unions (sold separately)
  • Working pressure 250 kPa (36 psi)
  • Extra reinforcement to increase the working pressure rating to 400 kPa (58 psi) is available on request
  • Maximum working temperature of 50 C degrees (122 F degrees)
  • Optional sight glasses and lateral man holes
  • Optional fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester for improved chemical resistance
Filament Wound Construction
Micron fiberglass filters embody the latest in fiberglass winding technology. Micron fiberglass vessels consist of an inner shell of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin wound over with fiberglass filament. Waterco's digitally controlled filament winding machine faultlessly winds continuous strands of high quality fiberglass filament under controlled tension filament to create a seamless one-piece vessel with refined consistency and superior quality. There are no welds or seams or special tank linings which can corrode or electrolyse.
Why fiberglass instead of steel?
Using non metallic components fiberglass pressure tanks are rapidly replacing steel tanks in numerous applications. Fiberglass vessels offer several advantages in comparison with steel vessels.
  • Waterco's quality control procedures ensure that the structural requisites of the product are achieved at every stage of production. This results in a 100% compliance of the end product with the specifications.
  • The design and the manufacturing process of the whole vessel, utilizing the latest filament winding machines, incorporation of non metallic fittings plus reinforced manhole openings with proprietary methods, is unique to Waterco.
  • Fiberglass vessels weigh only 1/3 the weight of steel vessels while maintaining the same level of strength. Their weight makes them easier to ship to the job site and easier to install.
  • Once installed there are virtually no maintenance or repairs required. Steel vessels require the anti-corrosive coating to be maintained periodically and certified welders to make repairs to the lining with expensive epoxy coating.
Micron "Fish Tail" Laterals
Conventional laterals are not suitable for larger sized commercial filters. "Dead legs" exist between the laterals and water flow is not optimised through the filter bed. Waterco's "Fish Tail" lateral configuration eliminates any "dead legs" by improving water flow distribution through the filter bed.
Easy Reach Air Release System
Waterco are the first to introduce the benefits of the "easy reach" air bleed system for commercial filters. Located directly under the sight glass, a valve may be fitted to the tank, which is connected directly to an internal air bleed system allowing any air to be simply bleed from the filter without the need to manually bleed the air from filter lid or to use additional plumbing.


Waterco Micron SMD750 30" Commercial Side Mount Deep Bed Sand Filter | 8" Neck 2" Port | 22507504501NA

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