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Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 | 8 Watt | A00266

Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 | 8 Watt | A00266
Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 | 8 Watt | A00266
Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 | 8 Watt | A00266
The Advantage Series Sterilizers are designed for maximum performance, power, and reliability. Ultraviolet is proven to be safe, dependable and effective in controlling algae and harmful bacteria without leaving any residuals in the water. Aqua Ultraviolet utilizes the highest quality components designed to work perfectly together. It's design maximizes kill rates, and insures ease of installation and maintenance. The Advantage Series Sterilizers will clear green water in 3-5 days, sometimes over night, and keep it that way. Performance is guaranteed when sized, installed and operated according to the instructions.
How Ultraviolet Works
UV is a proven dependable method for controlling algae, bacteria, and protozoa. The ultraviolet lamp emits a germicidal ray which alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of single celled organisms. By property implementing an Aqua Ultraviolet system in-line these organisms can be eradicated effectively without any harmful residuals. The beneficial growth on the bottom and sides of the pond is not disrupted only free floating organisms that pass through the UV are eradicated.
Aqua Ultraviolet has been a leader in technology and sets the industry standard again with its optional wiper cleaning system. Keep your quartz sleeve crystal clear and 100% efficient without opening the unit or removing any parts in the process. When it comes to innovation and quality look to the leader.. Aqua Ultraviolet.
  • Clear Quartz Cap lets you see the glow that tells you your lamp is on
  • Industry's Longest Lamp Life, of 14 months, and has a Single End connection
  • Lamps are designed for continuous use
  • Lamps are rated at End of Lamp Life
  • Lamp is positioned in the housing for maximum UV effectiveness
  • Slender housing design allows for higher UV dosage
  • The Unit is designed for maximum flow rates
  • Easy to remove remote power supply
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the housing against failure of plastic due to UV exposure
What is a Sterilizer?
A sterilizer will eliminate green water and control bacteria. The Advantage 2000 8 Watt will sterilize up to 200 gallons of fresh water or 70 gallons of salt water.
What is a Clarifier?
Used as a Clarifier the Advantage 2000 8 Watt will control green water in a freshwater environment of up to 1500 gallons that has 50% to 75% plant coverage and partial shade.
What works best for Marine Tanks?
In marine fish tanks (No reef or live rock) a flow rate matching those shown in the 75,000 or 90,000 column will be most effective at controlling fish disease.
How do I size a UV for a Reef Tank?
In salt water reef environments choose a UV that matches your flow rate per hour in the 30,000 or 45,000 columns of our chart. Flow rates in the 75,000 and 90,000 columns will destroy the planktonic food supply for the reef.


Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 | 8 Watt | A00266

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