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Winter Cover Accessories

Keep your winter cover secure with cover clips, air pillows, water tubes & more.
Winter Pool Cover Accessories
As the colder months approach, ensuring your pool is well-protected and prepared for winter is crucial. At Pool Supply Unlimited, we understand the importance of this seasonal transition and offer an extensive selection of winter pool cover accessories for both above ground and inground pools.
Our range includes everything from durable winter pool covers to essential securing accessories like water tubes, pool corner water bags, leaf nets, and more. For above ground pools, we provide specialized items such as wall bags, air pillows, cover drains, and various cover clips to ensure your pool remains safe and well-maintained throughout the winter.
Why You Need Covering for Pool Equipment
When winter arrives, it's imperative to prepare your pool equipment for the colder temperatures and the potential for ice and snow. If you don't winterize your pool and use accessories like a pool filter winter cover, you could wind up with some expensive repairs. The main problem is when water in your lines freezes and expands, causing internal damage. Then, when the ice melts, you could discover a massive leak.
While covers don't necessarily prevent freezing, they add a protective barrier against environmental wear and tear. Snow and ice won't touch any sensitive instruments or equipment, keeping it in better condition for when you reopen the pool in the spring.
Fortunately, Pool Supply Unlimited offers a wide selection of pool equipment cover options, as well as accessories, to make your main pool cover work better. Most of these accessories are for above-ground pools, but you can also find what you need to winterize and protect your inground pool, too.
Types of Pool Equipment Cover Accessories
Covering an inground pool is a relatively straightforward process, as you only have to worry about securing the cover with anchor hooks. However, if you have an above-ground pool, there are a few extra accessories that can help protect your pool and keep it clean and fresh for next spring.
Here's a breakdown of the types of accessories you can find at Pool Supply Unlimited and why they're so important.
Water Tubes and Bags
One of the main issues with covering your above-ground pool is that the cover can blow off during the winter. The wind doesn't even need to be particularly strong to blow a section off the edge, meaning you have to re-install the cover or recover it from wherever it lands in your yard.
Fortunately, there's an easy way to prevent this problem, and that's with water tubes. We offer single, double, and corner water tubes that sit around the edge of the cover. These tubes are made from durable vinyl, so they're weather and ice-resistant. Simply fill the tube with water from the hose (there's a connector on the product itself) and put it into place.
The tubes can shift throughout the season, so you have to monitor them regularly and may have to reposition them. One alternative is to get anchor bags, which you can attach to the ring around the edge. This way, the bag won't move very far. These bags work the same way, and you should position them about every two to three feet.
Aqua Bloks
While water tubes are easy to use and affordable, they're not as durable as Aqua Bloks. If you've ever lost a water tube to damage (i.e., from falling debris or extreme temperature changes), you may want to invest in Aqua Bloks instead. Rather than using vinyl, these Bloks are made from rugged molded plastic, so they can withstand more wear and tear, year after year.
Otherwise, they work just the same as water tubes. You fill them with water and place them around the edge of your pool cover to keep it weighted down during the winter.
Air Pillows
If you've never winterized an above-ground pool before, you may not know about air pillows. These pillows go between the water and the cover to create a barrier. This barrier is essential because it minimizes the damage to the cover during the season.
Air pillows are handy for any climate, but they're vital in areas that experience ice and snow regularly. Without these pillows in place, the cover will touch the water, and when it freezes, the cover will get damaged and may even develop holes. When that happens, you have to replace the entire cover. So, it's much easier and more affordable to invest in a few air pillows instead. Clips and Seals Water tubes or Aqua Bloks are easy to use, but they don't necessarily prevent the cover from coming loose on a windy day. For that, you need clips and locking mechanisms. We offer several options to help secure the edges of the cover, so wind and air can't get underneath and undo all your hard work.
Today’s Best Winterizing Pool Supplies?
We’ve got you covered! Browse and shop our wide array of pool closing products & chemicals, pool winterizing kits, and pool cover pumps today to stock up on all your winterizing essentials. Or, for more exclusive information on How to Winterize a Swimming Pool, visit the Pool Supply Unlimited blog!
How To Winterize A Swimming Pool
How To Winterize A Swimming Pool
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Are Pool Closing Chemicals Necessary?
Are Pool Closing Chemicals Necessary?
Retiring your pool for the winter is not a complicated procedure. Many D.I.Y pool owners successfully do this year after year and reopen in the spring with great success. If you do not balance and treat your water before closing up for the winter, you risk uncovering your pool in the spring to a mess that could take some serious work to clean up! In this post we will outline the pool closing chemicals you'll need.
How To Choose A Pool Cover
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