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Deep Blue Water Technologies mPULSE 3000 Pool Water Calcium Treatment System | MP3001

Deep Blue Water Technologies mPULSE 3000 Pool Water Calcium Treatment System | MP3001 Deep Blue Water Technologies mPULSE 3000 Pool Water Calcium Treatment System | MP3001 Deep Blue Water Technologies mPULSE 3000 Pool Water Calcium Treatment System | MP3001 Deep Blue Water Technologies mPULSE 3000 Pool Water Calcium Treatment System | MP3001

  • The mPULSE 3000® is a maintenance tool, used to condition water which makes calcium scaling manageable
  • The mPULSE 3000® will also aid
    in keeping salt cells on chlorine generators clean

Q & A
The mPULSE 3000® Pool Water Treatment System uses Impulse Technology which sends 3000 to 5000 low voltage (positive and negative), high frequency impulses per second between an anode and a cathode to physically change the form of the calcium. At the molecular level, these impulses apply energy to the calcium molecules to release hydrogen from the calcium bicarbonate into aragonite, a calcium carbonate formation. This aragonite form of calcium is a soluble form which does not adhere to surfaces in a scaling manner. The aragonite crystals are also a natural pH balancer.

pH is the single most important element in swimming pool water chemistry. It affects every other chemical balance in pool water.

pH is a measure of hydrogen ion (H+) concentration in water. It indicates the relative acidity or alkalinity (basic) of pool water. pH is measured on a scale of 0 (strong acid) to 14 (strong base) with 7 being the neutral pH.

In pools a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4 to 7.6 is most desirable because this range is most comfortable to the human eye and provides for optimum use of free chlorine while maintaining water that is not corrosive or scale forming.

Alternative forms of water treatment used to be the exception, but now have become the rule for swimming pool maintenance. With the inception of salt water chlorine generators and other non-chemical forms of water treatment, many pool builders and service providers have found these alternative forms as the best way to maintain pools and treat water for the destructive affects of hard water without expensive and noxious maintenance procedures. By treating the water in this manner, a conditioning effect occurs that can be felt on the skin and in the hair as well as seen in the overall clarity of the water. Impulse Technology is moving into the forefront of alternative water treatment for swimming pool applications.

There are many factors that can affect this form of water treatment and some of those are:
  • Amount of calcium hardness contained in the water (recommended levels 200 " 800 PPM)
  • Source of water (private well or municipality)
  • Age of water and wear of swimming pool, plaster and tile
  • Chemical maintenance: pH Level: 7.4 " 7.6;
  • Chemical maintenance: Alkalinity Level: 80 " 120 PPM
  • Seasonal temperatures and duration of filtering cycle
  • Porous surfaces (ie: rock fixtures and water features)
  • Spill ways and zero edge pools.
The mPULSE 3000® takes these factors into consideration to help control calcium scaling on pool surfaces.

Q & A
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Does it stop scaling in salt cells?
Daniel C on Oct 17, 2021
where is this attached and do I need electric?
Karen R on Aug 15, 2020
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