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Home Delta Ultraviolet Commercial EM Series EM 1300 EL Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV System | 208-240V Single Phase | 8" Flanges | EM 1300 EL

Delta Ultraviolet Commercial EM Series EM 1300 EL Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV System | 208-240V Single Phase | 8" Flanges | EM 1300 EL

Delta Ultraviolet Commercial EM Series EM 1300 EL Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV System | 208-240V Single Phase | 8" Flanges | EM 1300 EL
EM Series: EM 1300 EL - Medium Pressure
Using medium pressure bulb technology, the EM series is designed for high flow rate from 70gpm up to 4,000gpm. Perfect fit for indoor big community pool, the medium pressure UV system will help you to remove the chloramines and will offer an incomparable environment for your patrons.
By lowering the water renewal, the use of chemicals and the energy to maintain a proper temperature, compared to a “traditional” old way of sanitation, you will gain on your water bill, chemical bill and in general on all the maintenance necessary to constraint the effect of chloramines.
Ideal for high bather loads on Indoor Pools, Competition Pools; Commercial aquatic facilities, Municipalities, Colleges, Universities, and YMCAs
The EM series offers bacteriological control results that exceed the standard requirements and provide the highest level of disinfection efficiency for “Crypto”, Giardia and Toxoplasma and insure a high level of dechloramination.
Get Cleaner, Healthier water with Clean Light Technology 
The EM Series eradicates Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other harmful pool and spa water contaminants and chlorine by-products. 
  • Improve Water & Air quality by reducing chloramines — ideal for indoor pools
  • Prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair
  • Reduce Chemical usage
  • Continuous treatment for immediate disinfection and dechloramination
  • Renders 99.99% of bacteria harmless
  • Bacteriological control results that exceed standard requirements
Commercial pools are regulated under strict testing protocols. Local and National news frequently report on pool closures associated with outbreaks of «Crypto» and Giardia contamination. Delta UV provides the most advanced technology available for the eradication of these bacteria with the added benefit of Chloramine removal for improved air quality. As the World leader in ultraviolet sanitation solutions, Delta UV offers a full product line of NSF-50 certified products for your aquatic facility.
Your EM units will provide
  • A significant reduction in combined chlorine (chloramines) in order to achieve a level of 0.2-0.3ppm (depending on pool maintenance and number of swimmers
  • The EM range delivers 60mJ/cm2 at the end of the lamp’s life assuring optimum dechloramination and disinfection efficiencies
  • Average lamp life from 6,000 up to 8,000 hours (depending on on/off cycles)
  • The best efficiency for high flow rates
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Automatic wiper
  • UV-C sensor monitoring flow control, temperature sensor within the electrical boc and the UV chamber, audible alarm when issues occur
  • High power medium for reducing the necessary number of lamps and optimum wavelenght for trichloramines
  • UV Chamber made from micro-bitted and passicated 316 L stainless steel (chem coat option for high corrosive environment)
  • 25-50% savings in water renewal costs
  • It pays for itself in 9 to 36 months
  • The use of electronic ballasts provides significant savings in electrical consumption
  • Better comfort, better image
  • More environmentally friendly
EM Series Medium Pressure Lamps: High power medium pressure polychromatic UV-C technology. These multi-wavelength lamps reduce the number of UV-C lamps while providing optimum wavelengths for the removal of chloramines such as trichloramines. Also generating 254nM of UV-C germicidal light, the Medium Pressure technology effectively eradicates water borne pathogens.
Cleaner Water: Dimensioned according to the pump flow rate which combines exposure time in the UV sanitizer and the power of the lamp(s) to ensure that the necessary dose (expressed in millijoules per square centimeter or mJ/ cm2) is sufficient to kill 99,99% of the micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, «Crypto», etc.).
Cleaner Air: In the particular case of dechloramination, a dose of 60mJ is essential in order to be able to significantly reduce the level of chloramines, which are responsible for respiratory irritation and illness.
The UV Concept: UV-C light naturally sanitizes water Delta UV reproduces this phenomenon in these sanitizers’ powerful UV-C ray lamps which transmit at 254 nanometers, the optimum wavelength for destroying microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast, mold etc). Installed in-line just after the pool’s existing filtration system, the Delta UV-C product rays penetrate and disrupt the micro-organisms’ DNA, permanently deactivating germ cell metabolism so they cannot reproduce.

Brand: Delta UV

Delta Ultraviolet Commercial EM Series EM 1300 EL Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV System | 208-240V Single Phase | 8" Flanges | EM 1300 EL

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