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Easy Care Startup-Tec Pool Startup Treatment 64 oz | 70064

This item is no longer available.
Easy Care Startup-Tec Pool Startup Treatment 64 oz | 70064
Statup-Tec eliminates 95% or more of the normal brushing associated with new pool startups. It also eliminates the one to two weeks of tedious brushing new pool owners are burdened with. Startup-Tec not only reduces most plaster dust formation, but stops mottling discoloration and staining issues that often plague white, grey, and colored finishes. The product virtually eliminates acid "hot startups" for all types of aggregate finishes and "acid washing" process necessary to expose pebble type finishes.

How it Works
Starup-Tec® holds a powerful, multi-polymer formula utilizing advanced polymer technologies. This unique formula is non-acidic and can be safely added during the initial pool water filling to immediately prevent the formulation of polaster dust. This dust forms on the curing surfaces as calcium and hydroxides transports to the surface edge causing the water pH to increase above 8.3 where calcium is insoluble and quickly precipitates to form calcium carbonate. Startup-Tec® multi-polymers synergistically and strongly sequesters calcium to block and prevent its formation over a broad pH range. The product's powerful anionic dispersion and sequestration properties also provide for effective dispersion of plaster cream and exposer of quartz and pebble type aggregates without the need for acid washing or acid circulation.

Often times new pool owners neglect one of the most important procedures in the ownership of a new pool. In addition, veteran homeowners who resurface their swimming pools often neglect this process. The process is called a new plaster startup. The pros at Pool Supply Unlimited have performed hundreds of new plaster startups over the years and highly recommend Startup-Tec®. In the past, one of the primary purposes for performing a new pool startup has been the removal of plaster dust on pool surfaces. This required daily surface brushing and the addition of sequestrants (usually high phosphates) to help remove the plaster dust buildup. The reduction of surface mottling discoloration, metal staining, and surface scaling were also additional startup concerns. The exposure of exposed quartz and pebble type finishes relied on strong acid washing and/or hot startups (or hot fireups) to achieve proper exposure finish. With the introduction of the Startup-Tec®, many startup issues have been greatly minimized and the amount of acid needed for quartz and pebble exposure have been noticeably reduced.

Startup-Tec®eliminates much of the plaster dust formation. Weeks of surface brushing has been reduced to as little as three days or less. Color pigmented pools (grey, black, and blues) can now be finished with the confidence of color consistency and less mottling. Exposed aggregate quartz and pebble type finishes can now been exposed with up to 50% less acid. Startups with Startup-Tec®provide a more brilliant, uniform surface finish with less labor, time, acid usage and cost. The pool builder, plasterer, and startup company can now deliver to the new pool owner the pool they envisioned at time of purchase. Pool Supply Unlimited does not charge for this pool ownership happiness


Easy Care Startup-Tec Pool Startup Treatment 64 oz | 70064

This item is no longer available.
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