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Home Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600

Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600

Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600
Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600
Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600

The REMORA Pool Vacuum by HAMMER-HEAD is now available. We took the legendary Hammer-Head vacuum, outfitted it with a smaller, lighter motor assembly, a shorter power cord, and paired it with a wearable, rechargeable, lithium battery pack for maximum portability, minimum size, and the smallest footprint.

This package is perfect for homeowners, pool builders, resorts, condominiums, apartment managers, campgrounds, or pool technicians who need fast, professional results. This is no ordinary pool vacuum. The REMORA Pool Vacuum is a professional-grade cleaner designed with the same spirit of quality appreciated by thousands of pool technicians around the world.

**NOTE: This is not a 110 volt device and cannot be operated by plugging into household power outlets (only battery charging can be done at 110 volts with the included battery charger). Standard pool pole not included. The REMORA POOL VACUUM cord, power plug, and battery pack cannot be used with standard HAMMER-HEAD vacuum units that use a full-size motor.


The entire REMORA package weighs only 18 pounds. The vacuum head is 8 pounds lighter than a standard HAMMER-HEAD 21" vacuum head and can be easily carried poolside, even when the pool is difficult to get to. Using a full HAMMER-HEAD Service or Resort cart can sometimes be impractical. The REMORA vac goes where you go, and allows complete freedom of movement so that you can go up stairs, through narrow gates, indoors, through heavy landscaping, or work wherever deck space is limited. How does the vacuum suction of the REMORA compare to the standard HAMMER-HEAD 21" vacuum? Using the Smart Switch as a comparison, the REMORA suction power using the high speed setting is like using the HAMMER-HEAD 21" vacuum head on the low speed setting.


  • Underwater run-time on full speed = 50 minutes (approximate - individual results may vary depending on the amount of debris).
  • Underwater run-time on low speed = 75 minutes (approximate - individual results may vary depending on the amount of debris).
  • Battery life: Approximately 2000 duty cycles, or 5 years at one duty cycle per day. The approximate recharge time is 6 hours. Do not charge the battery with any other charger than the one that is provided or specified for this unit.
  • Boxed Shipping Weight = 23 LBS (23in x 23in x 14in)
  • Total Package Weight = 18 LBS
  • Battery Pack Weight = 5 LBS
  • Vacuum Head Weight (including cord) = 13 LBS
  • Minimum operating depth: 12 inches

The REMORA battery pack is fitted with a hook and loop belt/strap that can be worn on the hip, over the shoulder, or across your body. We do not recommend leaving the battery pack on the pool deck while you vacuum, as it could be dragged into the pool and will damage the battery pack. The battery pack features a safe Power-Sonic LiFeP04 lithium battery and the 2-speed Hammer-Head Smart-Switch, which features an automatic safety shutoff if the propeller is obstructed or if the motor is running out of the water for more than a minute. Download the Power-Sonic App to monitor real-time battery health and charge level from your smart device, and charge back up with the included NOCO Genius2 battery charger.


With the REMORA pool vacuum, you never have to prime the pump, change valves, hook up cumbersome hoses, or stop part way through to clean your pool's filter and strainer. All debris is picked up in the included, reusable HAMMER-HEAD HH1508 Superfine debris bag. With debris bags available in four different grades, from coarse to ultra-fine, you can tackle any dirty pool with confidence and ease.

The REMORA portable vacuum kit Includes the vacuum head, REMORA specific motor/cord assembly, battery pack, carry handle, NOCO Genius 2 charger, and one HH1508 Superfine debris bag. *Does not include standard pool pole.


Hammer-Head Remora Complete Portable Vacuum Kit | XR1600

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