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Raypak RP-245 Indirect Heat Exchanger | SS316L 245,000 BTUH | 013480

Raypak RP-245 Indirect Heat Exchanger | SS316L 245,000 BTUH | 013480
Indirect Heat Exchangers
For some low-temp applications, a pool heater seems like the obvious choice but really isn't appropriate. For example, the extreme salinity of sea-water pools damages the heat exchanger, and marine life is sensitive to the copper ions which will gradually be released by the heat exchanger. For such applications, Raypak recommends instead using a hydronic boiler as the heat engine, with a stainless steel indirect heat exchanger to transfer the heat to the pool without compromising either the water chemistry or the boiler heat exchanger. These heat exchangers make such a piping system compact and easier to design. Consult the water chemistry table in the manual for details of which alloy to select.
  Pressure TEMP
SS316L CR24
Tube side 235 PSI 150 PSI 406 °F
Shell side 190 PSI 150 PSI 406 °F
Model CR24**
Super Alloy
Dimensions (inches)
A B C Pool
Conn NPT
Conn NPT
Heat Transfer
Area (sq.ft)
RP-045   45,000 4-3/16 4-3/8 3-1/16 1 3/4 10-7/16 3-1/8 1.62
RP-075   75,000 4-3/16 6-7/8 3-5/16 1-1/2 3/4 13-9/16 3-1/8 2.64
RP-125   125,000 4-3/16 8-7/8 3-5/16 1-1/2 3/4 15-1/2 3-1/8 3.64
RP-185 CR24-185 185,000 5 7-58 3-3/8 1-1/2 1 14-3/8 4 4.70
RP-245   245,000 5 12-11/16 3-3/8 1-1/2 1 19-1/2 4 6.80
RP-305 CR24-305 305,000 5 17-3/8 3-3/8 1-1/2 1 24-3/16 4 9.00
RP-495 CR24-495 495,000 5-1/16 34-13/16 3-3/8 2 1 42-1/16 4 16.80
RP-995   995,000 5-9/16 26-5/8 4-5/16 2 2 35-3/16 5-1/2 21.50
*These values are nominal, based on 140F temperature differential between incoming heating and heated water.
**CR super alloy is widely used in industrial salt water environments. Use this where chemical conditions exceed the capacity of the 316L alloy used in the RP-series. 

Brand: Raypak

Raypak RP-245 Indirect Heat Exchanger | SS316L 245,000 BTUH | 013480

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