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Above Ground Pool Cover for Winter

Winter Covers for Above Ground Pools
With everything you do for your above ground pool during the swimming season, show it the same love and protection during the off-season with the right above ground pool covers and pool supplies from Pool Supply Unlimited!
We carry a great selection of round and oval above ground pool covers for winter in various sizes to perfectly fit your pool, all designed with a four-foot overlap for a better fit and prevention of excessive wear and tear. Shop today!
Should I Use an Above Ground Pool Cover?
Yes! And for a few important reasons. A winter cover will keep environmental debris out of your pool water. This includes rain or snow water, dirt, leaves, falling branches, and sunlight (hint: without sunlight, algae cannot grow!).
Above ground pool winter cover can also keep pets, and pest from entering (or falling into) your pool when you have it closed for the season or while away.
Benefits of Using Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools
If you're new to pool ownership, you may wonder whether it's worthwhile to invest in an above-ground pool cover for the winter. The short answer is yes, especially if you're not planning on using the pool during the season. However, here are the top reasons why you should install a pool cover when winterizing your pool.
Prevent Debris - Your pool doesn't have to be underneath a tree to worry about debris and other environmental elements falling into the water. Bugs and other wildlife can get inside, and it's easy for leaves and other natural debris to blow in from other spots. Unless you're planning to skim the pool throughout the winter, you'll have a lot of work to do when it's time to start swimming again in the spring. Because our above-ground pool winter covers are designed to overlap the top, virtually nothing can get into the water during the season. This way, when you open the pool again, you can start enjoying it that much sooner. 

Slow Algae Growth - Sunlight is necessary for algae to grow, and our winter pool covers are designed to block as much sun as possible. If you've ever had to vacuum algae out of a pool before, you know how valuable it is to winterize the pool and cover it completely for the winter. While a cover won't necessarily prevent all algae growth, it will help reduce the amount you have to clean next spring. 

Keep Pets and Kids Out of the Water - One of the biggest risks of pool ownership is that people and pets can fall in by accident. While having an above-ground pool can mitigate this problem (because you have to climb up to get into it), incidents can still happen. This is particularly true if you don't cover the pool during the winter. Children may not realize they're not supposed to go into the water, so they might try to climb in unsupervised. However, when there's a cover on top, there's no risk of anyone thinking the pool is open when it really isn't. That said, keep in mind that an above-ground pool cover is not strong enough to hold a person's weight. So, it's still imperative to monitor your pool throughout the season to keep everyone safe. 

Types of Winter Pool Covers Above Ground
Before you start winterizing your above-ground pool, you should have a good idea of the type of cover that will work best for your needs. Pool Supply Unlimited offers three unique types, so let's break them down:
  • Solid - Solid above-ground pool covers are often the best choice because they prevent water, debris, and sunlight from getting into your pool. If you're worried about algae or rainwater, you should invest in a solid pool cover. You can also buy an 8, 10, 12, or 15-year model that will hold up for as long as you need it to. 
  • Mesh - During winter, water can evaporate, leading to a relatively low fill level when you reopen the pool in the spring. A mesh cover prevents debris and animals from getting in the water, but it allows rain and snow to come in. We recommend this option if you aren't planning to close the pool for too long, or you can monitor the water for algae relatively easily. 
  • Leaf Catcher - Although a solid pool cover prevents leaves from getting in, they can still collect on top, becoming something of a hassle later on. One way to mitigate this problem is to install a leaf catcher over the cover. This way, you can remove the catcher without uncovering the pool. The mesh is small enough to keep all debris out, so the cover underneath should be relatively clean.
Are Above Ground Pool Covers Easy to Install?
At Pool Supply Unlimited, you'll find that all of our winter covers for above ground pools are easy to install, secured to your pool with a vinyl-coated cable that encircles the cover through a series of built-in metal grommets. This easy installation process is just one of the many reasons we recommend using an above ground pool cover to protecting your pool.
Choosing an Above Ground Pool Cover
Unlike inground pools, which have the option of safety covers or winter covers, above ground pools only have the option of winter covers. This means you'll only need to distinguish the size and shape you need your above ground pool cover to be and the warranty length you'd like to have on it.
For instance, our winter covers for above ground pools have the strength and durability of covers costing twice as much, and since they are woven with a strong, durable polyethylene tape, you won't have to worry about winter weather wreaking havoc on it. You'll find our above ground pool covers in various sizes and with 8, 12, 15, and 20-year warranties for added peace of mind.
With our above ground pool supplies, you'll have all you need to Winterize Your Swimming Pool to avoid unnecessary problems or costly surprises come springtime.
While shopping for your new above ground pool cover, be sure to check out our selection above ground pool pumps, above ground pool ladders, and supplies for a clean and safe pool you can enjoy as soon as the warmer months return.
How To Winterize A Swimming Pool
How To Winterize A Swimming Pool
Usually, winter is not the time of year that most people want to think about their swimming pools but, in reality it is one of the most important times to pay attention to your investment. Properly winterizing your swimming pool will avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs come springtime.
Are Pool Closing Chemicals Necessary?
Are Pool Closing Chemicals Necessary?
Retiring your pool for the winter is not a complicated procedure. Many D.I.Y pool owners successfully do this year after year and reopen in the spring with great success. If you do not balance and treat your water before closing up for the winter, you risk uncovering your pool in the spring to a mess that could take some serious work to clean up! In this post we will outline the pool closing chemicals you'll need.
How To Choose A Pool Cover
How To Choose A Pool Cover
Unless you are one of the lucky few that get to enjoy year round warm weather and pool time, chances are you’ll need to buy a cover for your pool. When you go shopping for a pool cover, here are the major things you’ll want to consider.
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