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Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3

Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3 Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3 Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3 Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3 Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty | W3T-CELL-3

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  • Please read BEFORE PURCHASING:
    T-CELL-3 & T-CELL-9 require software revision 1.5 for AquaRite or 4.2 for AquaLogic or newer to be compatible. These revisions started in 2009.

  • Compatible cells for systems made before 2009 are:
    T-CELL-15 by Hayward (40K Gallons)
    CMARCHA40-2Y by CaliMar (40K Gallons)
    CMARHY40-3Y by CaliMar (40K Gallons)

  • Online part number W3T-CELL-3 is the direct replacement for part number T-CELL-3.


Hayward Goldline AquaRite Power Center Only for use with AquaRite Salt Systems (Requires Salt Cell) | GLX-CTL-RITE
Hayward Power Center Only for use with AquaRite Salt Systems | GLX-CTL-RITE
Replacement Parts

Goldline | Hayward | Aqua Plus Control | PL-PLUS-20G
Goldline - Hayward - Aqua Plus Control | PL-PLUS-20G
Replacement Parts

Hayward Goldline Wireless Spa Side Remote | AQL2-SS-RF
Hayward Goldline Wireless Spa Side Remote | AQL2-SS-RF
Replacement Parts

  • Hayward Goldline Turbo Cell Cleaning Stand | GLX-CELLSTAND
    Hayward Goldline Turbo
    Cell Cleaning Stand

  • Hayward Goldline AquaRite PCB Main Printed Circuit Board | GLX-PCB-RITE
    Hayward Goldline AquaRite PCB Main Printed Circuit Board

  • Replacement Hayward Goldline Original Flow Switch by Harwil | GLX-FLO-RP
    Hayward Goldline AquaRite Original Flow Switch GLXFLORP

  • AquaChek Salt System Test Kit | 542228A
    AquaChek Salt System Test Kit

  • Pool Style 1# Salt Cell Cleaner for Cleaning Salt Water Generator Cells | 774263
    1# Salt Cell Cleaner for Salt Water Generator Cells

  • Hayward Goldline 2" Cell Union | Tailpiece & Nut | GLX-CELL-UNION
    Hayward Goldline 2" Cell Union | Tailpiece & Nut | GLX-CELL-UNION

  • SuperPro O-Ring Hayward Micro-Clear & T-CELL | O-43-9
    SuperPro O-Ring Hayward Micro-Clear & T-CELL | O-43

T-CELL-3 & T-CELL-9 and their generic equivalents like this cell are NOT compatible with systems built before 2009.  
Refer to the Diagnostic Guide for instructions on finding your software revision.
**** IMPORTANT ****  If your Hayward salt system was built prior to 2009 you can use an OEM factory T-CELL-15 or generic equivalent size CaliMar® CMARCHA40-2Y or CaliMar® CMARHY40-3YWe will not ship an order for a T-CELL-3 or T-CELL-9, or generic equivalent size, without having your software revision first so please include that with your order if ordering online.
The Turbo Cells automatically generate a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine for water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Turbo Cells come in three sizes for in-ground pools " 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right size your salt system for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.

Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators (also known as salt chlorinators) are the largest selling system in the world. They automatically produce pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distribute it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. Aqua Rite generators use a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. They are also NSF certified and approved for use on commercial and public pools. They easily install on standard filtration systems, both for new construction and on existing pools.

No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine. Aqua Rite automatically turns common salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine. For pool and spa water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

The key to Aqua Rite's chlorine generation is the Turbo Cell®, a specially-designed converter connected to the control unit by a simple plug-in cord, and plumbed into the filter pump's return line to the pool. As water is pushed through the Turbo Cell, an extremely safe low-voltage electrical charge turns the salt previously added to the water into fresh, sanitizing chlorine which is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool via the return jets.

Turbo Cell®
Right-sized salt chlorination
Hayward now offers a new line of Turbo Cells for their salt chlorination and controls solutions. The cells come in three sizes " 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The new sizes enable you to right-size your pool for the most-efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible. These cells are based on the proven Turbo Cell technology that made Hayward the leader in salt chlorination. They automatically generate a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine " for water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

  • Simple homeowner operation
  • Adjust chlorine output from 1 to 100%
  • The best water quality attainable
  • Always crystal clear and ready for swimming
  • Soft silky feel means no more red eyes or dry skin
  • Microprocessor automates all functions
  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rates
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity
  • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door
  • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60 Hz power input
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • UL and CUL Listed, NSF certified
Goldline AquaRite also known as Nature Soft Salt Systems
Maintaining the Aqua Rite System
To maintain maximum performance, it is recommended that you open and visually inspect the cell every 3 months or after cleaning your filter. The Aqua Rite® will remind you to do this by flashing the "Inspect Cell" LED after approximately 500 hours of operation. After you inspect the cell (and clean, if necessary) press the small "diagnostic" button next to the display for 3 seconds to stop the flashing "Inspect Cell" LED and start the timer for the next 500 hours.
The Aqua Rite electrolytic cell has a self cleaning feature incorporated into the electronic control’s logic. In most cases this self cleaning action will keep the cell working at optimum efficiency. In areas where water is hard (high mineral content) and in pools where the water chemistry has been allowed to get "out of balance", the cell may require periodic cleaning. The "Inspect Cell" LED will indicate if cell efficiency is decreased and servicing is necessary. If the "Inspect Cell" LED remains on after a thorough cleaning, the cell may be worn and require replacement.
Servicing and Cleaning the Aqua Rite cell
Turn off power to the Aqua Rite before removing the electrolytic cell. Once removed, look inside the cell and inspect for scale formation (light colored crusty or flaky deposits) on the plates and for any debris which has passed through the filter and caught on the plates. If no deposits are visible, reinstall. If deposits are seen, use a high pressure garden hose and try to flush the scale off. If this is not successful, use a plastic or wood tool (do not use metal as this will scratch the coating off the plates) and scrape deposits off of plates. Note that a buildup on the cell indicates that there is an unusually high calcium level in the pool (old pool water is usually the cause). If this is not corrected, you may to have to periodically clean the cell. The simplest way to avoid this is to bring the pool chemistry to the recommended levels as specified.
Mild Acid Washing: Use only in severe cases where flushing and scraping will not remove the majority of deposits. To acid wash, turn off power to Aqua Rite. Remove cell from piping. In a clean plastic container, mix a 4:1 solution of water to muriatic acid (one gallon of water to one quart of muriatic acid). ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER - NEVER ADD WATER TO ACID. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and appropriate eye protection. The level of the solution in the container should just reach the top of the cell so that the wire harness compartment is NOT submerged. It may be helpful to coil the wiring before immersing the cell. The cell should soak for a few minutes and then rinse with a high pressure garden hose. If any deposits are still visible, repeat soaking and rinsing. Replace cell and inspect again periodically.
The Aqua Rite electrolytic cell and flow detection switch will be damaged by freezing water just as your pool plumbing would. In areas of the country which experience severe or extended periods of freezing temperatures, be sure to drain all water from the pump, filter, and supply and return lines before any freezing conditions occur. The electronic control is capable of withstanding any winter weather and should not be removed. 

Pool Size
15,000 Gal
System Compatibility
Q & A
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how do I know which model I need for replacement? I cant find any numbers or information on the wall unit or the replacement cell I bought last time. It worked for 2 years but now just gives me a zero for my salt level and I know there is salt in the water as I have put 6 forty pound bags in.
Blaine L on Jul 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: First off you want to make sure whichever cell you purchase will be big enough for the application it will be chlorinating. Then you need to check the software revision on your power center. If the revision is 1.55 or higher, you can use the T-Cell 3, 9, or 15. If it is lower, you can only use the T-Cell-15
I have a salt cell t-5 what is compatible?
A shopper on Apr 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The T-5 only works with the Aquatrol systems. You would have to purchase the GLX-Cell-5 or equivalent after market cell.
How do I get the software revision for my system before purchasing a t cell 3?
Maynard C on Jun 11, 2019
Which salt cell is compatible with my Hayward Blue Essence-20 system please? Pool is less than 15, 000 gallons.
WENDY B on Jun 3, 2021
I have a in ground pool just under 15000 gal. I currently have a t-9 cell couldn't I use the t-3 to save a little $?
Jerri B on Jul 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Note: you will have to change the software setting in the control box. That's easy....but, if you don't, you'll get some funky results, as you can imagine.

Also, when I ordered my T3, I actually got a T9 that was labeled as a T3. It created quite a problem and it took the Hayward people to figure it out over the phone with the local pool repair technician. Lots of head scratching going on....and, according to Hayward, it wasn't the first time that had happened. The innards of the two cells are different, so, when you get the T3, compare the two by looking down into the "guts" of them. The T3 "guts" should be smaller than the T9. If they're identical you've gotten stuck like I did.

Also, the T9 (that was supposed to be a T3) failed on me after 2 months...just got it replaced last week.

Just some "heads up" stuff for ya!
is this a new original hayward or a generic made unit?
rick h on Feb 24, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I've always received new original hayward and they work fabulous. Great price. Great service from Pool Supply Unlimited.
aqua logic 2.6 main software we need a salt cell?
mario m on Mar 28, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I purchased one this year ! Installed the new one,plugged it in and turned on the filtration system and it works great . No problems whatsoever with my software .
My pool is only 3 years old. Make sure your
Software is compatible !!
what size union fits this t-cell?
A shopper on Sep 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The AquaRite T-Cells take a standard schedule 40 union. Hayward sells a replacement union. The part number is GLX-CELL-UNION.
Hayward Goldline 2" Cell Union | Tailpiece & Nut | GLX-CELL-UNION
Hayward Goldline 2" Cell Union | Tailpiece & Nut | GLX-CELL-UNION
The readout says HOT,but water 73 degrees?
A shopper on Nov 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Can work on pools and hot tubs. We use ours on 89F.
Will this replace a BEX-CELL-20?
Donna H on Nov 8, 2020
If I am currently using T3 does that mean the software revision is appropriate?
Ashley A. on May 1, 2020
BEST ANSWER: As far as I know, there has not been any recent software changes. The last T3 I bought a year ago had the correct software. I hope this helps.
My Control Box says NO FLOW and there is no conversion to Chlorine?
Stan M on Oct 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Not a pool expert but my understanding is that there is not a 'high enough' flow to achieve the conversion. Hope this helps.
My Aquarite computer continuously reads 100 on the display but the pool store shows my salt reading as fine. Is it a bad T-Cell?
mark v on Aug 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I had same trouble and yes I had to replace salt cell.
I have a 10k to 12k pool and used a compupool cell (GRC/25GH) that lasted 1.5 years and is DOA. I feel that it should have lasted longer. I have a Hayward/Goldline SmartPureSanitizer board that says AQRIte5x288 and says Sanitizer T cell 5 . When I looked at the Hayward cells you state that you need certain software to be compatiable. I am looking at a Tcell 3 for my pool . Anything I should do or not do before I purchase?
A shopper on May 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have the same size pool and I have gone through numerous replacement cells. They lately have only been lasting about a year to a year and a half.. The first one lasted about 3 years. The only thing I can say is that Hayward does stand behind there 3 year warranty but you have to go through them directly. Pool Supply does not handle it for you which is probably pretty standard.of these suppliers. It is not that painful a process you just have to be on the phone with them and run trough some diagnostics on your panel while the unit is installed. They have replaced 2 for me that failed withing the Warranty period at no charge. I would contact either pool supply or Hayward and make sure your board is compatible and that you have the proper software update or it will not work.
I have a turbo cell GLX-15W is this cell compatible?
A shopper on Jan 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The GLX 15 is different from the TCELL3. What you're looking for would be the TCELL15:
Is this compatible with glx-cell-3-w?
Jerry J on Apr 18, 2021
Currently, I have the T-Cell-15 with the respective control box. I technician told me that this cell is for pools up to 40k gallons whereas mine is between 12k and 15k. I was wondering if the control box will be compatible with a W3T-Cell-3?
Boris on Nov 30, 2019
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Rated 5 out of 5
Fast delivery and product works excellent. Will continue to order from this company.
June 28, 2021
11 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Price - Great Service
Great service from the company. Called me to make sure I was purchasing the correct system for my pool.
May 8, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Does what it is s supposed to do.
It works and is cheaper then buying the 40000 gal unit for a pool of only 12000 gal. enough said !!!
October 6, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Hayward Salt Cell
Genuine product, arrived faster than expected.
Company verified with me that I was selecting the proper one based on the age of my system.
Working as exoected.
July 17, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good oem product
I would recommend this product.
I waited quite a while for delivery.
Pandemic issues... I don’t know.
June 28, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I received the Cell in a couple of days it was easy to install,works great,
June 14, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Not again.
I had the chlorinator installed and my pool balance. I leep receiving Hi Salt error so we drained half the pool and checked the salt. The salt level is at 2600 which is within range, but still the same error. I caled and spoke to a rep although I purchase this in March and installed it in may. Company rep said I have to call Hayward. Hos words " we only sell them" shouldn't sell things you can't provide support for. The thing has less than 180 hours on it.
July 3, 2021
1 year ago
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