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Home Pool Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies Commercial Pool Heaters Lochinvar AQUAS Low NOx Indoor Indirect Pool Heater | Natural Gas 285K BTU | ASME Commercial Grade | APN285 100361731

Lochinvar AQUAS Low NOx Indoor Indirect Pool Heater | Natural Gas 285K BTU | ASME Commercial Grade | APN285 100361731

Lochinvar AQUAS Low NOx Indoor Indirect Pool Heater | Natural Gas 285K BTU | ASME Commercial Grade | APN285 100361731
Lochinvar AQUAS Low NOx Indoor Indirect Pool Heater | Natural Gas 285K BTU | ASME Commercial Grade | APN285 100361731
Innovation in Design
The AQUAS commercial pool package is a dramatic advancement in the design of pool heating systems. The AQUAS package is a factory assembled system featuring a free-standing boiler piped to a dedicated titanium pool heat exchanger.
The AQUAS indirect pool heating design gives you
  • Effective heat transfer from a high efficiency, modulating condensing boiler.
  • A complete factory assembled package reduces installation cost and time.
  • Separating the pool water from the direct-fired heat source reduces maintenance and promotes longer equipment life.
  • Reliability and performance with a positive user experience.
Pool Heat Exchanger - A durable industrial grade titanium heat exchanger provides effective heat transfer. The pool water flows through a series of plates. Titanium is a strong but light-weight alloy used in aerospace, automotive and military applications. Used in pool systems, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water and chlorine. This simple design keeps the pool water separate from the heat source while allowing for complete and highly efficient heat transfer.
Standard Features
  • Up to 98% Thermal Efficiency
    • Modulating Burner with up to 10:1 turndown
    • Direct-Spark Ignition
    • Low NOx Operation
    • Sealed Combustion
    • Low Gas Pressure Operation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Venting
    • Category IV Venting up to 100 Feet PVC, CPVC
    • Polypropylene or AL29-4C Vent Material
    • Sidewall Vent Terminations Provided (Except 285)
  • ASME Stainless Steel Boiler Heat Exchanger
    • ASME Certified, “H” Stamped
    • Gasketless Design
    • 160 PSI Working Pressure
  • On/Off Switch
  • Expansion Tank w/ Fill Valve
  • Adjustable High Limit w/ Auto Reset
  • Adjustable High Limit w/ Manual Reset
  • Flow Switch
  • Low Air Pressure Switches
  • Inlet & Outlet Temperature Sensors
  • Two Easy Access Terminal Strips
  • Temperature & Pressure Gauge
  • Zero Clearances to Combustible Material
  • ASME Pressure Relief Valve
  • Standard Cupro-Nickel Pool Heat Exchanger
    • Salt Water Ready
    • Flanged CPVC Connections
Smart System™ Features
  • SMART SYSTEM™ Operating Control
  • Multi-Colored Graphic LCD Display w/ Navigation Dial
  • Built in Cascading Sequencer for up to 8 Pool Heaters
    • Lead Lag
    • Efficiency Optimization
    • Mix multiple input sizes
  • Outdoor Reset Control w/ Outdoor Air Sensor
  • Building Management System Integration
    • Optional Modbus communication
    • 0-10 VDC Input Control for Modulation or SetPoint
    • 0-10 VDC Output for Modulation Rate
Inside the Boiler
The AQUAS is an innovative pool package that begins with the most advanced boilers in the industry today. The AQUAS heat source is a high efficiency, condensing boiler perfectly suited for the low water temperatures typical of pool heating. The following are some of the exciting features you get with the advanced boiler design.
Fully Modulating Burner
Modulation is an important combustion feature that is long overdue in the pool industry. Why fire the appliance at 100% input in short bursts to heat the pool water? With a modulating burner, the boiler will tune in the input rate to exactly match the Btu/hr losses of the pool water. The burner will then “cruise” along comfortably, heating the pool water in long, low input burn cycles that dramatically increase the overall life of the boiler.
Thermal Efficiency<
The AQUAS pool package is constructed with stainless steel modulating condensing boilers that deliver up to 98% thermal efficiency. Low return water temperature from a pool makes for an ideal application. The heat exchanger is sized to maximize the heat transfer of the boiler water to the pool water flowing through the heat exchanger. Higher thermal efficiency reduces your fuel costs.
Direct Vent with PVC
Reduce your installation cost and save time and effort by installing the AQUAS pool package with PVC pipe. The AQUAS pool package offers a variety of vent designs in your choice of PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel vent material. What’s more, you can Direct Vent the AQUAS. By drawing the combustion air into the appliance with a dedicated intake pipe, the AQUAS is protected from corrosive pool chemicals that could damage the combustion system.

Brand: Lochinvar

Lochinvar AQUAS Low NOx Indoor Indirect Pool Heater | Natural Gas 285K BTU | ASME Commercial Grade | APN285 100361731

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