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We offer safety covers from the industry's top manufactures that are strong, durable, and high quality. Protect your children and pets from any accidental occurrences with the protection that these safety covers offer. If you don't see your pool size listed and you need a custom cover, complete the measurement form and send to us for a free quote. Check out our non-safety winter pool covers for both inground and above ground pools.

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Are Safety Pool Covers Necessary to Winterize a Pool?

Technically, safety covers for pools are not 100 percent necessary when winterizing your pool. However, we highly recommend installing a safety cover if you have pets, small children, or wildlife that passes through your backyard. Since safety pool covers are designed to carry a person's weight, there's much less chance of an accidental drowning. Most animals can walk over the cover without damaging it.

Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

Installing a pool safety cover is one of the easiest ways to protect your pool while ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Accidental drownings are all too common, an occurrence that happens on average 3,536 times every year, and safety covers are the key to preventing this tragedy. While safety is the number one reason we recommend pool safety covers, they also play an important role in preserving your pool year after year and making spring opening a breeze.
Pool safety covers can actually protect your pool by keeping debris from getting in your pool when not in use, making maintenance easier when the cover is removed. As well as blocking sunlight from reaching the pool water, helping to prevent algae growth. Pool safety covers can also a great energy-saving tool that can conserve water and reduce chemical consumption.

Types of Safety Covers

There are two types of pool safety covers, each with its own advantages: solid and mesh pool covers. Solid pool covers keep sunlight, water, debris, dirt, and winter leaves from entering the pool. Though the downside to solid pool covers is that water from rain or snowfall cannot drain and must be pumped off. At Pool Supply Unlimited, we carry the PoolTux solid safety cover, which features a patented Aquaduct drain that runs from one end of the cover to the other, eliminating water that would otherwise puddle on top of the cover.
Thanks to their tightly woven design, mesh pool covers allow water to pass through, eliminating the need for pumping water off the top of your pool cover. While a downside to mesh covers is that they can allow dirt and debris to pass through with the water leaving you with a mess to clean up come springtime. Arctic Armor and Loop-Loc mesh safety covers are constructed with an extremely tightly woven mesh that allows water to pass through while filtering out debris for pool spring cleaning made easy. All safety pool covers come with pool cover anchors for easy setup and take-down.

Pool Safety Covers vs Winter Covers

There are a few major differences between pool safety covers and winter covers. For starters, winter covers offer pool protection from mainly the elements, and should not be relied on to keep children or pets out, since they cannot support concentrated weight like the tight fit of safety covers can. Winter pool covers also require more maintenance and supervision than safety covers.

Is There a Difference Between Inground Pool Safety Covers and Above-Ground Covers?

Yes, there is a difference between inground pool safety covers and those used for above-ground pools. In-ground covers must be anchored to the ground, while an above-ground cover only needs to be secured to the side of the pool.
Also, because in-ground pools are more of a drowning risk, safety covers are thicker and built to hold more weight. A cover for an above-ground pool is lighter since it only needs to repel debris and small animals like birds.

Do I Need Air Pillows for an Above-ground Winter Pool Cover?

Yes, an air pillow is necessary for an above-ground pool cover. Often, not using an air pillow can void the cover's warranty. So, if it gets damaged over the winter, you can't file a claim and recoup your losses.
The primary benefit of using an air pillow is to prevent the cover from touching the water during the winter. If this happens and the water freezes, it could damage or destroy sections of the cover.

When Do I Need to Winterize My Pool?

The best time to winterize your pool is when the temperature regularly hits 65 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. It can be tricky to estimate the best time for winterization, particularly if your area experiences a cold snap followed by relatively mild weather.
If you winterize your pool too early, algae can grow exponentially when the weather gets warmer. Even with algaecide and other chemicals in the water, algae can still survive. In this case, you'll have more work to clean the pool next spring.
If you winterize the pool too late, you risk damaging the pipes, the filter, and other mechanical components. Freezing is a huge problem as ice expands and damages anything it touches. So, if there's water in the lines, and it freezes, you could be looking at expensive repairs.
Remember, timing is key in pool winterization. By choosing the right moment, you can protect your pool from damage and ensure a smoother, cleaner start when swimming season returns.

Elevate Your Pool Experience with Pool Supply Unlimited

At Pool Supply Unlimited, we understand the importance of keeping your pool safe and well-maintained throughout the year. You'll find the finest inground pool safety covers to keep kids, animals, and debris out of your pool, ensuring it remains the safest, cleanest, and best-running pool on the block.
Whether you're looking to winterize your pool or trap in the heat with solar pool covers, we have an extensive range of products to meet all your needs. Our selection includes the best pool safety equipment and supplies, making it easy for you to maintain your pool in top condition.
For those who prefer a hands-on approach, you can easily install your own safety cover or undertake the winterization process yourself. We provide everything you need for pool winterization, making it straightforward to DIY this project as the weather turns cold. And remember, no matter what type of pool you have - inground or above ground - we have you covered.
Shop today at Pool Supply Unlimited and keep your pool running like new for years to come. With our comprehensive range of pool supplies and expertise, you're always one step ahead in pool care and safety.
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