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Sta-Rite Pool & Spa Pumps

Sta-Rite Pool & Spa Pumps
At Pool Supply Unlimited, we make it simple to shop today’s best pool supplies designed to keep your pool running at peak performance every swimming season. Among our selection of pool supplies is industry-leading Sta-Rite pool pumps, a trusted name in the residential water industry for over 85 years.
Sta-Rite is best known for creating some of today’s most innovative, high-performing, longest-lasting pool pumps, shining in efficiency, intelligent function, durability, and quiet operation. No matter what type of pool pump you need, Sta-Rite has a solution perfect for your pool. Browse and shop single and variable speed pool pumps today to find the right Sta-Rite pump model for your pool.
Not sure a Sta-Rite pool pump is what you need? We also carry an incredible selection of other industry-leading pool pumps including Hayward pool pumps and Pentair pool pumps for you to choose from. While you’re here, check out our long list of fun and necessary pool supplies, like booster pumps for pool cleaners!
Interested in learning about how to best care for your pool? The Pool Supply Unlimited blog has you covered with expert tips, guides, and product recommendations to help make your maintenance list shorter and your swimming season more relaxing. Browse and shop today!
How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor
How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor
Typically pump motors will last for many years, but if they are exposed to excessive water, they can sometimes burn out quicker than normal. In this article we will cover step by step instructions for replacing a pool pump motor.
How to Choose The Right Pool Pump
How to Choose The Right Pool Pump
Choosing the correct pool pump is no easy task. So we have put together some helpful information on how to find the best pool pump for your needs - hopefully this will eliminate some of the confusion when it comes to purchasing this important piece of pool equipment.
High Head vs. Medium Head Pumps
High Head vs. Medium Head Pumps
When it comes to swimming pool pumps, there are so many options that it can be very overwhelming. One of the most confusing set of terms is “medium head” and “high head”. What in the world do these terms mean?! In this article we'll explain these terms and how it relates to purchasing a pump for your needs.
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