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D.E. Filters (all brands)

Diatomaceous earth, or D.E. for short, is a natural substance that traps dirt and debris as small as five microns (1/10 the width of a human hair).

Looking for Replacement DE Grids for your existing filter?
At Pool Supply Unlimited, you will find an incredible selection of maintenance pool supplies to keep your pool water crystal clear and clean all swimming season long, including D.E. pool filters and the D.E. filter grids that go with them. Shop our selection of D.E. pool filters from industry-leading brands today to find the right fit for your pool maintenance needs!
The Importance of Pool Filters
The job of your pool filter is to trap dirt, sediment, and debris and stop it from re-entering the pool. Without a pool filter, your pool would circulate these unwanted particles through your pool, leading to potential bacteria and algae growth and an unsafe swimming environment.
While cartridge filters work by passing water through a pleated cartridge, and sand filters trap debris through the sand particles, D.E. pool filters use diatomaceous earth (siliceous sedimentary rock made from diatoms) filter grids to collect dirt and debris and keep it from re-entering your pool. In fact, D.E. pool filter grids can filter your pool water down to five microns (1/10th the width of a human hair!), the lowest micron rating of any pool filter option available today.
D.E. pool filter grids are often less expensive to replace, and filter maintenance is easier, thanks to having the option for backwashing. D.E. pool filters are also the best option for removing algae, making them a great all-around choice for busy pool owners or those who want to spend less time maintaining the pool and more time enjoying it.
We carry a great selection of D.E. pool filters from brands like Waterway, Hayward, and Pentair to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Shop today to discover the right D.E. pool filter for your pool!
When you own a swimming pool of course you need to maintain it and keep it clean and in good repair. If the water is not cared for it can become unhealthy for swimming even if it seems clear and untouched, and anyone swimming in poor quality water can experience skin irritations and even allergic reactions. The pool itself also needs to be cared for properly so that it doesn't have any type of buildup when it comes to mold and mildew, and your pool filters will play a large part in how this maintenance happens.

Typically pool filters gently pull the water through a type of filter and catch and trap any dirt, sediment, and other such elements and then wash the clean water back into the swimming area. The actual materials used to clean out the water and to trap dirt and sediment will vary, as will the mechanics of the pool filters themselves. In some cases you need to buy a specific model that is meant for the type of pool you have, and in other cases you'll need to decide on what's best for your home or apartment or other area.

To understand your choices when it comes to pool filters, it's good to first of all have a better understanding of how they work. You no doubt already know that they pull the water towards this area, albeit very gently. The water is then run through sand or a cartridge, or other such elements that are meant to trap dirt and debris. In some cases the water is returned through the pool filters again for a second cleaning and for it to go back into the swimming area.

With cartridges for pool filters, you'll need to replace them on a regular basis, often once per year or every few years, depending upon your area and the other cleaning you do for your swimming area. These often give the best type of cleaning and are often recommended for public pools or those in apartment complexes and hotels, since their cleanliness is most important. D.E. pool filters are also relatively new to the market and provide more cleaning; these use micro crystals that pick up dirt and sediment that is very tiny and invisible to the naked eye.

It's good to remember that pool filters can only do so much to keep your pool clean. Some wonder why their water is murky or dirty or why the sides of the pool do build up mildew and assume it's a problem with the filter, but water's chemical levels and regular cleaning of the walls are imperative. No matter the type of filter you have, it cannot keep mold and mildew from building up if the walls are not cleaned properly and if the water's pH is not maintained. You can even increase the life of your pool filters by maintaining your pool according to your owner's manual and by vacuuming it regularly as well.

How To Choose The Right Size Pool Filter
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How to Clean Your Pool Filter
How to Clean Your Pool Filter
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